Tricks To Employ When A Wedding Planning Emergency Occurs

wedding planning emergency

Anything can happen while planning your dream wedding — your cake doesn’t show up, the reception venue closes unexpectedly, and a heavy downpour of rain tries to ruin your matrimonial parade.  These among others are referred to as wedding planning emergency. Even the most beautiful weddings encounter obstacles, either while planning or on the big day.

wedding planning emergency

Here’s how to handle wedding planning emergency when it strikes.

1).You’re Out Of A Venue

This is definitely the worst nightmare any bride might have. You signed the dotted line and handed over a huge deposit, and then, BAM – the venue closes unexpectedly. So, whether a flood damaged your dream venue or the event centre went out of business as a result of mismanagement or under-the-table dealings, you are now out of luck.

So how can you avoid this wedding planning emergency?  You have two options: you either have a substitute event centre before the big day (if you can afford it) or draft an agreement or contract with your chosen venue which would cover any monetary losses should your lose your venue and your deposit.

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2). Deplorable Weather

If you wish to have your nuptials outdoors, always create a backup plan. Whether it’s an unexpected rain day or a heavy wind blows into your beachside wedding, it’s recommended that you have a substitute indoor arrangement. To avoid wedding planning emergency like this, inquire if your wedding venue has a designated area you and your wedding guests can go should the weather become deplorable.

However, if there’s no place to go to, grab an umbrella and ask vendors (like those who supplied the drinks, who made the food, or supplied the chairs) if they know of a place to host your wedding in a flash. You never can tell – they may be able to call a favour from a local restaurant or venue and rescue your wedding.

3).The Cake Doesn’t Show Up

For whatever reasons the cake doesn’t show up on your wedding day, handle this wedding planning emergency by turning to other vendors for recommendations for bakeries that might be able to quickly provide a wedding cake or a dessert acceptable for weddings in place of the cake. Alternatively, ask a friend or family member to visit the nearest bakery or supermarket for an assortment of playful sweets, like colourful frosted cookies dressed in sprinkles, pies and cupcakes for a dessert buffet guests will love.

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4).You’re Sick

Feeling under the weather? Don’t fret! Instead, delegate tasks, so that you or your groom can rest well enough to say your wedding vows. Worst case scenario: ask a friend to visit a drugstore for medicine to avoid worsening the symptoms either before or on the day of your wedding.

5). Take A Breath

Remember, at the end of the day, that no wedding is perfect. So the chance of wedding planning emergency not happening is like seeing Santa Claus on his reindeer. Every wedding encounters hiccups. Stay calm and composed, without allowing any hitch, whether small or big, ruin your day.

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