Surprise Marriage Proposal: 4 Ways to Figure Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Figure Out Ring Size Without Her Knowing

When you decide to make a surprise proposal to your girl, a small issue you are likely to face is the way to figure out the ring size, without her knowing. This is because if you end up buying the wrong ring size for her, it will either be too tight to enter her finger or too loose to stay on her finger.

So how do you figure out the perfect ring size for your girlfriend without her knowing? See the 4 ways you can use below.

Figure Out Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Ways to Figure Out Ring Size Without Her Knowing

  1. Let her model for you. On the birthday of your mom or sister or on mother’s day, go out to get them gifts and let your girlfriend try on some rings to determine the best fit for your mother or sister. This way works best if she has been in your case to get a gift for them, or if you had been making a big deal of getting a gift for them.
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After having her try on some rings and getting the one she considered as the best fit for your mom or sister, you could then change your mind and go get something else for them – but make sure you stylishly figure out her ring size during the process. If you like, you could even buy the cheap decoy ring and deliver it as a gift. This makes your ruse more real.

  1. Make her best friends accomplices. You can never underestimate the place of a friend or a sister in the life of a girl. There is a possibility that her bosom friends have a ring of hers and even if they don’t, they would have a way of getting to figure out her ring size without her knowing or suspecting anything.
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They could be your best accomplices in a situation where you are planning a surprise proposal.  So use the friends well.

  1. Use first-hand information. Fashion rings are quite common these days as there are so many trends that they feature in. Just borrow one from your girlfriend’s collection or let her conveniently forget a ring at your place or in your car. By this way, you can get her ring size without too much fuss.

In order not to forget the size, make a trace of the ring on your hand or a piece of paper. When you take the trace to the jewellers, they will bring out her perfect ring size.

  1. Make an estimate. This way of figuring out ring size without her knowing involves comparing her fingers to yours, during one of your romantic moments together. Through the comparison, you can make an estimate of her ring size. This is not so accurate in getting her size but could be helpful.
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Bonus: Some Ring-size Facts

  • The most common women’s ring size is between 6 to 6.5.
  • The right hand is sometimes a bit bigger than left hand. So make sure to test for her left hand if she is right-handed.
  • Thinner bands are not as tight as wider ones. So if you are getting a ring from her to measure with, ensure it has the same band width as the ring you want to get.

Over to you – share the method you used in getting her ring size.

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