7 Amazing Skin & Hair Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar


If you’ve always had the preconception that the usage of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) was mainly for kitchen use, you’re about to get a shocker! It’s interesting to note that more and more of our kitchen ingredients are becoming multitaskers like never before. And vinegar is one of those ingredients that not only revive your taste buds and help you digest your food; it’s also great for skincare.

NOTE: In case of any irritation or discomfort to skin after using vinegar, please discontinue immediately, and get medical attention if the condition persists.

Check out these  7 amazing ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a beauty treatment.

1. Fighting Body Odour

Adding apple cider vinegar to water and applying it will help reduce body odour and totally eradicate it after consistent use.

To use, add a small cup of vinegar to a small bucket of water. Then take a bath with the water.

2. Dandruff Treatment

If you’re pissed at those irritating flakes and itchy scalp caused by dandruff, then, maybe it’s time to use ACV. Depending on how severe the dandruff is, you may have to do an overnight treatment. Keep in mind that using ACV to fight dandruff requires a consistent use until the pH balance in the scalp is restored.

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To use, mix equal parts (about ¼ cup each) ACV and water in a spray bottle. Spray unto your hair after shampoo; let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse. Use twice per week.

3. Skin Lightening

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great lightening agent; therefore, it is highly effective in treating age-related dark spots and other pigmentation issues.

To use, mix onion juice with vinegar. Apply the mix on any pigmentation or age spots. Continuous use of this mixture may lighten these spots and prevent them in the future.

4. Acne Treatment

ACV is extremely effective for killing bacteria and reducing inflammation, and also reduces the chances of future breakouts.

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To use, simply add it to a little water and dab it on the infected area of the face.

NOTE: It’s important that you do a small skin test first. Apply the ACV mixture to a small area of your body to determine if it works there first before applying it on your face.

5. Fights Sun Burns

Instead of buying over-the-counter sun burn creams, why not go natural? And guess who’s coming to your rescue? ACV! Vinegar helps maintain the pH balance of the skin and cool it down too!

To use, wet a cloth with cool water, apply some vinegar unto it, apply the cloth unto the skin where you’ve got the sun burn, leave it to soak in your skin for some time, and wash off with water.

6. Soft and Radiant Skin

To use, add a small tablespoon of ACV to your liquid body wash. Wash your body using this mixture, and rinse off with water.

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7. Clean Feet

Smelly feet can be embarrassing! And this is where vinegar saves the day. Simply mix vinegar with water, soak your fit in the mixture, and rinse off.  Consistent use will help reduce the odour from your feet, and also help to remove fungus and other germs.

There you have it, various ways you can use ACV. Remember, In case of any irritation or discomfort to skin after using ACV, please discontinue immediately, and get medical attention if the condition persists.

Do you have other ways you use ACV? Kindly leave a comment below.

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