Top 8 Type Of Guys To Avoid Dating

type of guys to avoid

Everyone lady deserves a happy ending with a guy who loves and cherishes her. But not every lady is lucky enough to meet Mr. Right at the first time of asking. Going into a relationship is relatively easy but staying in it is the opposite.

This is why it is imperative to date the right type of guy and avoid others with certain character traits like a plague. To help finetune the selection process, we have compiled the list of the type of guys to avoid dating.

1. The Quick Lover Boy

These type of guys will meet and toast you today and confess their love the next day. Some even go as far as proposing marriage that same week all in the name of getting you to bed. They believe women are moved by emotions. Some are usually very nice and caring and will call you in the morning, afternoon, night, and even at midnight call.

They will send all sort of love messages, buy gifts and offer to take you out on a daily basis. Forget, all na wash! Because as the saying goes, nothing good comes for free. Be rest assured that after like a week of doing all these, they will want to enter the promised land. Once the cherry has been popped, everything they did before will reduce drastically and you begin to wonder what whether it was all a dream. Avoid dating these kind of guys!

2. The guys who don’t think they fit in

These type of guys have a low self-esteem. They are usually not sure of what they want. They believe they are failures because they don’t make any impact anywhere they find themselves. You will see them changing jobs with no positive result because they hate it.

The bad thing about them is they are quick to transfer aggression because of their own personal ordeals. Even if you try to be there for them, or try to help them build their self-esteem they don’t see it as being good enough and can go as far as insulting or hitting you when things don’t go their way. These are the type of guys to avoid dating.

3. The guys who are just not interested

They are also known as the “Players“. They will tell you point blank that they are not interested in any relationship for now. But what they really mean is that they don’t just see themselves in a relationship with you. Although it doesn’t mean they can’t have any romantic escapades with you but it won’t go beyond that.

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No matter what you do, you will never be good enough because they are just not into you. The best thing for you is not to waste your time with these type of guys.  Just avoid them and move on already!

4. The guys who really don’t know what they want

These type of guys don’t know what they really want in you. I’m not even sure someone like T.B Joshua can help their situation. When you get too close to them i.e. show too much interest, they get scared away. They avoid you at all cost.

When you don’t show too much interest, they feel you don’t really like them and they look for all sort of ways to body shame you. And just when you show about the right amount of interest, they get bored and look for other adventures. “Confused beings” is just the best word to describe these type of guys. Avoid them ASAP.

5. They unstable guys

When others break world records in renowned things, these set of guys break records in the number of girls they have dated in the past. They have never dated any girl for lengthy periods and move from one relationship to another for reasons even them cannot phantom. Haba! (in mama’s peace voice: na only una waka come?).

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They are also renowed for having multiple girlfriends at the same time. It’s better to be avoid these type of guys with such track records.

6. The Serial Bachelors

These kind of guys are very handsome, charming, well-mannered, smart and everything a lady can ever in a guy. Even when you try to treat them with caution, you’ll just find yourself blown away by the wind of love. You begin to wonder why they haven’t walked any lady down the aisle yet.

Ask why they still live a bachelor life and you’ll hear “I just haven’t found the right woman yet” making you think you are the ‘”right woman”. Just when you start considering introducing him to mama and taking his last name, he drops the “It’s not you, it’s me” bomb.

They will leave you heartbroken and then social media will hear how all guys are the same. Word of advice, run for your dear life!

7. The Mama’s Boy

Raise your hands if you have seen or read “Think like a man“. Now you get the idea. These kind of guys have everything going for them. The looks, the money, you name it! But there is only one problem. “MOM”.

She influences all his decisions, like what to buy, what to wear, what to eat, how to dress, where to live, even the woman to date. Even if you both make a decision about something, she still has the final say. It can be really frustrating. There is this emotional connection you just can’t do anything about. What can I say? If you don’t mind dating two people, you can go for it, else avoid it like a plague.

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8. The Possessive guys

These kind of guys are usually nice and sweet from the onset. They will spoil you with gifts, take you out and make you feel special. But when you agree to start a relationship with them, they become all possessive. They will like to control your movement, know where you are, what you are doing and who you are with etc.

You are not allowed to lock your phone. They will go through all your messages and call logs. Social media accounts isn’t left out. You begin to wonder why they are wasting their talent on monitoring you when it would have been better utilized by the FBI.

Want an advice? Fly away if possible, because for all the sweetness, there is nothing as good as having your own space. They make you go from feeling secured to feeling imprisoned. You won’t be free to make your choices. No one wants to die from being choked on love.

From lover guys to serial bachelors, possessive guys and mama’s boy, the type of guys to avoid come in different packages. The most likely outcome is that they’ll eventually break your heart and putting up with them won’t make it any better. You deserve a lovely and healthy relationship!

Advice? Follow your heart but don’t forget take your brain along it with.

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