Top 10 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Nigeria–No 10: Obudu Mountain Resort

It is every couple’s dream to have a very romantic honeymoon experience and they go the extra mile to ensure it happens. Sometimes, they go as far as leaving Nigeria to have the best experience they can ever imagine but the stress of going to the embassy, visa and passport wahala is just overwhelming.

After considering everything that is at stake, they tend to be discouraged and they end up doing it here in Nigeria. Sometimes, they end up going to places that are not too exciting, but for future purpose, I have decided to write this article and save the stress of going too far.

The first romantic place ranking No. 10 on my list is Obudu mountain resort.

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I know you have heard of Obudu somewhere. Let me help you think… oh, I remember! Do you remember Gulder Ultimate Search? Yes. That was where I first heard the word “Obudu”.

Anyway, back to the matter.


Obudu mountain resort, which was formerly known as Obudu cattle ranch is a combination of a ranch and resort in Cross River state, Nigeria. It was founded by Mr McCaughley in the year 1949. It’s one of the best tourist attractions in Nigeria.

It is equally one of the most romantic honeymoon resorts because it has virtually everything that screams perfection.


Obudu mountain resort has rooms with air conditioning, bathtub, hair dryer, blackout curtains, laundry facilities, cable TV and best of all, the shower.

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It also has the best facilities you can think of. Some of them are; airport transfer, restaurants, poolside bar, free Wi-Fi in every room, babysitting services and also 24-hour room service. Fitness Centre and an outdoor pool are included.

One facility you don’t want to miss when you visit Obudu mountain resort is the cable car. The cable car transports tourists from the foot of the mountain to the top, and of course, it is the best medium to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain.



Not only couples are entitled to visit but families can too. Business meetings can also be held there. Travellers can lodge also.

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It gives you this calmness due to its neatness and serenity and the weather is favourable.

Like every Nigerian movie, watch out for Part II….

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