5 Important Things Every Lady Should Consider Before Saying I Do!


One adorable moment every lady loves is seeing their man ditching his manly ego and masculinity aside, going down on one knee in front of his lady in a lovely environment, bringing out a beautiful engagement ring, and popping the big question: WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Many women say yes immediately. However, it would be wise to consider this question with serious reflection. This is because marriage is a great commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The reality is that the future is uncertain and nothing can guarantee a successful marriage. Therefore, before saying I do, here are five guidelines that could truly make your wedding day end in “happily ever after.”

1. A long and formal courtship

This type of courtship will allow you to know your partner better. As you share meaningful moments, you will be able to see your fiancé’s different attitudes when facing a variety of circumstances in life. At the same time, you will be able to find answers to the following questions:

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How does your sweetheart react when experiencing anger, frustration or high level of stress?

How does he treat his or your family members?

Also, how does he react when you have a problem and feel sad? Does he support you or abandon you?

Is he a hard-working and appreciative person?

Is he the jealous type?

(Remember, getting to know a person better involves asking more questions than the ones previously mentioned).

2. Sharing ideas

Before starting a life together, you must discuss future plans. In order to function harmoniously, a couple must learn to share common ideals and mutual goals, such as discussing whether or not to have children, living in the countryside or the city, buying a house or travelling, seeking a degree or working and having a family business.

These are a few of the many topics that you should discuss before getting married in order to avoid surprises. Since you know your future goals, it is good to discuss it with your fiancé to know if you both are on the same page.

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3. Putting things in a balanced perspective

Imagine having a scale: on one side you place your fiancé’s virtues and on the other side you place his or her imperfections. If the scale is heavier on the imperfections’ side, you should think hard before saying I do. When considering all imperfections, you must reflect how much you are able to work through them. Some imperfections are not so profound, such as being shy or being less of a talkative.

However, there are other imperfections that can cause serious wounds, such as certain addictions like alcoholism, domestic abuse, drugs or pornography.

4. Pay attention to your fiancé’s family values

Reflect on your loved one’s family values to make sure you are compatible. Once you get married, you are also forming a new family.

5. Analyse both of your economic opportunities

Starting a family involves serious financial commitments: buying a car, paying rent or building a house, buying groceries for the family, paying bills and other expenditures. Before getting married, decide if you will have the economic stability to fulfill your financial responsibilities.

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In conclusion, while these guidelines are not a guaranteed recipe for marital success, they’re worth considering. Furthermore, marriage should not be taken lightly because it is a relationship that requires sacrifice. Each story is different, each couple is unique and what may have positive outcomes for some people may not work for others.

Above all, before saying I do, you must be convinced that you love, respect, understand and trust your partner and that it is reciprocal. All the best!

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