From Tarkwa Bay to the Aisle: Love Story of #Thegingers17


How it all started

It all started in 2010 with my best friend (bimbo’s) birthday shortly after our final year exams in the university. We went to Tarkwa Bay beach for the celebration and had so much fun at the beach, even forgetting their rule at Tarkwa Bay (something about people not being on the boat/water back to bonny camp at 5 pm thereabout). Once we got off the boat we met some mean navy men who punished us for disobeying the rules. It was a horrible experience, thank God for one of our friends who’s dad was a navy man. We had to use his ID to bail ourselves out.

After a long day filled with fun and punishment in equal measure, we got to bonny camp and everyone was heading home. Eugene coincidentally was going my way so he gave me a ride home, along with some other friends (Tosin & Fola). We were gisting throughout till Fola and Tosin got to their destinations and I was left alone with Eugene. The convo became a bit awkward but we still talked a bit and when I got to my bus stop he asked for my number which I politely gave him. Lol.


He called me that night and we gisted casually and that was it. I didn’t hear from him again. Later in June, we had to go back to school for graduation and  I think he saw me but kept on forming hard guy. Loool. We didn’t speak to each other throughout graduation week and after. One day I got a call from him and I was like hmmm you remembered me today. Next thing he said was “I didn’t want to bug you too much”.

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How the Relationship Started

Anyway, we started talking, got really close and even became best friends in about a month. To be honest we knew we really liked each other but we kept pretending. So one day he asked that we should stop pretending and start dating and but I formed for a bit (you know how we ladies are. lol). I later just gave myself brain like see this cute & calm guy asking me out and I’m dulling so I said yes and that’s how we started.


We’ve been together for 7 years ( yeah, I know it’s a long time ) but it doesn’t feel so long because we are best of friends and we had certain things we planned to achieve before getting married. This man knows how to handle me at my best and worst…lol. He sure knows how to tolerate my excesses – I can be very extra and dramatic sometimes.

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He’s my day one G! What caught my attention was his “ginger” lmao! He has a lot of energy and he’s the definition of ride or die. If he fancies you, he goes the extra mile to make sure you’re happy. Extremely selfless and hardworking guy. And yes he’s really cute ;-). I really can’t wait to start forever with the best guy on earth!

Happy married life Temitope (@mstemmie) & Eugene! #TheGingers17

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