The Travails of A Bridesmaid in The Hands of Her Best Friend

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I have heard the word bridezilla being used on numerous occasions and even seen clips of brides losing it at the slightest of things. However, I have never imagined myself experiencing such a situation. Lucky for me, my experience was just around the corner.

So my best friend was getting married to the love of her life, and we were all super excited for her. In our circle of friends, we were finally having the first wedding since graduation, and everyone was pledging undying support for her and coming up with fabulous ideas for the wedding. I, of course, had the honour of being the ‘Chief bridesmaid’. What I never expected was my friend turning into a monster bridezilla before my eyes.

So, as the wedding got closer, I had to give up more and more of my free time to the shopping sprees, vendor bookings, and confirmations. Plus I had to plan a badass bachelorette party on my own, with mostly my money and without BFF’s knowledge — all for the love, abi.

Fast forward to 3 weeks before the wedding; I woke up at 7.30a.m. on a Friday morning on a public holiday, with 10 missed calls and 4 text messages from my best friend. I was so scared that I scrambled out of bed and was getting dressed before I even got to open the first text.

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On opening it, I froze. “I can’t believe you let me choose that veil,” my friend started. Then the text continued with, “How could you watch me choose something so ugly and not make me drop it by all means? Do you have any idea how wrong it looks on my dress?”

“Are you even my friend at all or do you want to see my wedding go to hell? If you really love me as you claim and I’m your best friend, you should have never let me leave that place with this ugly veil. I hate you right now and think you want my wedding to fail.”

I was stunned. This was all about a veil we went to get the evening of the day before; she had called me after I closed from work at about 6:30 that evening and said I must come so that we could go get the veil. I had to take a very stuffy and rickety bus to join her in the market.

On joining her, she dragged me on as she was telling me about some veils she saw the last time we were in the market together. I resisted the urge to point out to her that we were spending the whole of the next day in the market. My weary, tired self-went with her and even tried to be excited as this was the third time we were shopping for veils.

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And yes the veil was simply gorgeous and we both agreed it was perfect for her dress. But just at the point of payment, one overzealous shop attendant came and showed her another pink and totally unmatching veil. The veil obviously wasn’t worth a second thought, but somehow my friend got fixated on it and eventually went for it.

I tried all I could to make her drop the veil, by even showing her a picture of her coral-colored gown and how the veil wouldn’t be at all suitable. However, she insisted. I had to use a low-key voice to tell the attendants to reserve the first veil we chose for her.

Saying I was angry is such an understatement; I WAS BOILING. The next text message was a continuation of the insults and stuff with crying emoji abound. The third message had her apologizing profusely and telling me how much I meant to her and how my friendship was the only thing still stable in her life and helping her go through the wedding trouble.

Tell me, how do you stay mad at your friend after all this? But no, my friend just wouldn’t quit while she was ahead and had me forgiving her. She just had to send that fourth text telling me to make sure I’m up and ready to go by eight.

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Did I mention that all these messages came in the span of three minutes? And this girl has always been the meekest person in my life — I mean most times, I have to be the one fighting for her and making sure she doesn’t get cheated.

Well, as I pulled up my jeans and ran a brush through my weave so that I can be out of the house before picking her calls, she had started calling me furiously again. I had to send up a short prayer to heaven that I got my sweet friend back.

When I was good to go, I picked her call and I was like, “Hey, hello babe. No, I’ve been up for over an hour now. I’ve just spent the last thirty minutes in some mad-ass traffic and also been planning our shopping route for today…”

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