8 Brilliant Romantic Photo Ideas for Your Engagement

romantic photo ideas

When he proposes and she says YES! This is one of life’s greatest moments for couples. A couple’s life is a collection of unforgettable memories; a huge memory lane of how you both met, obstacles or challenges you faced, and how you both plan to walk the path together and forever.

Wedding bells are ringing, plans are jotted down, and one thing is for sure in the list- engagement photo shoots (popularly known as pre-wedding photo shoot!). Well, it’s the trendiest things all modern couples do today. They definitely don’t want to miss out.

Despite the lots of time together, it could be something that you can both keep, something you can look back to, show your kids, and even grandkids! It’s an open book of your moments together as an engaged couple just months or weeks before the big day, isn’t it?

When preparing for your engagement session, don’t overthink it. Instead, do something that you’d normally enjoy doing, and invite your photographer along!  If you’re still confused, try one of these romantic photo ideas (that would also make for some totally dreamy and butterfly feeling in the stomach proposal ideas, too) below:

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8 Brilliant Romantic Photo Ideas

1. Rent a Boat

There’s nothing more romantic than being stuck on a boat with your better half. Renting a boat for the dreamiest engagement shots ever is one of those golden moments you shouldn’t miss.

2. Pack a Picnic

Have you ever wondered how something as simple as a picnic outing could make for a perfect romantic photo idea? While this idea might look quite simple, it’s the quality time that will make a great impact and show the depth and sincerity of your love in front of the camera.

3. Visit a Local Estate

There’s something so romantic about a picturesque setting that is interwoven with rich history and culture, especially when lovers shared sweet moments at that very same spot.

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4. Love at Home

Most of us feel most comfortable in our homes, right? So, why not make it a romantic photo idea for your engagement, and keep the romance there? Have your photographer capture you doing things you normally do every day or week, like making breakfast, reading books or newspapers together, playing the piano or even snuggling in bed or watching TV.

5. Be Tourists in Your Own City

Instead of staying at home, an idea like getting fancy and being a tourist in your own city is just so romantic!

6. Walk on the Beach

What is it about the crashing of the waves and the cry of the seagulls as they fly over the vast horizon that calls us to the sea?  I suppose you might not have an answer yourself, but it sure does make for a romantic photo idea.  Put romantically, the beach sure makes for dreamy captures.

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7. Be Adventurers

Romance doesn’t have to be about dressing fancy all the time. Put on your favourite jeans, cap and head out for an adventure, whether you love cycling or hiking.

8. Book a Flight

Are you due for a much-needed vacation? Grab this opportunity to book a flight to a favourite destination or one you’ve been dying to visit-even if it’s just for a weekend!

Every photo is a captured moment, a sweet gesture, a passionate expression of affection, and a living proof that love truly is real.  Go and capture those moments!

Do you have other romantic photo ideas? Kindly share.

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