8 Romantic Honeymoon Tips For Brides

romantic honeymoon tips for brides

The honeymoon is a pretty important aspect of a marriage. After all the stress and anxiety put into planning a successful wedding, it’s time for some sexy, one-on-one time with bae for some maximum TLC. So, as usual, we got your back and will be giving you some very handy and romantic honeymoon tips for brides.

romantic honeymoon tips for brides

Romantic Honeymoon Tips For Brides

1. Plan ahead

Let’s face it, sometimes the honeymoon seems more important to the bride than the groom – if not always. So do not let your honeymoon take the backseat to everything else. Make adequate plans and put aside the funds early enough; you could even start saving for the honeymoon like you would plan and save for a trip.

You can also prepare or remind your spouse to make sure the room is prepared with scented candles, flower petals and a bottle of wine, awaiting your arrival. Planning ahead is probably the most important of all the honeymoon tips for brides.

2. Pack light, but essential

Lugging heavy trunks could make you tire real fast and kill the romantic honeymoon atmosphere. As much as you would like to look good for everyday of the honeymoon, you should pack lighter stuff and maybe save up on some disposables and other stuffs to lighten your luggage.

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But do not forget to pack essentials and a well-kitted first-aid kit, with painkillers and emergency poison control. If you are going to exotic or new locations for your honeymoon, make sure to go slow on new foods so you don’t get to spend the entire time treating an upset stomach.

Remember your antiseptics and wipes to prevent you from getting unknown bugs and infections.

3. Go prepared

Get your sexy on; with your new set of sexy wedding lingerie, you should be well on your way to setting the right mood. Bikinis for swimming should be in abundance, depending on the activities you have planned. Make sure your lingerie are super comfortable; it would be very hard to feel sexy, if all you want to do is rip off your underwear for all the wrong reasons.

Get some hot-red teddies to heat up the atmosphere, and a few black or pink ones for variety. Don’t forget to pack some comfortable footwear also alongside the sexy pumps.

Pack your favourite perfumes, get a spa treatment – and maybe some waxing done – or plan a couple spa or massage date. Romantic honeymoon tips for brides can’t be complete without a scheduled spa treatment.

4. Get the right tools

Do not forget to go with some nicely scented oils, candles and lotions to be used on your spouse and vice-versa. Be sure to get yourself some jasmine, cedar wood and lavender along with any other romantic scents to go in your box of tricks.

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A few lessons in massage techniques would not hurt you either. Don’t forget to take along your favourite romantic and mood setting songs, with you on your phones or MP3 players.

5. Stock on the bubbly

Arrange some champagne to be sent to your room to take with your spouse and celebrate indoors, while taking a bath together or just cuddling together in bed.

6. Be spontaneous

Whether it’s having a candle-lit romantic dinner on the balcony of your suite, or taking a walk down the beach or the streets of your honeymoon destination, go easy on the planning and scheduling – you and your spouse should just enjoy yourselves.

You don’t have to cram activities into your honeymoon; it’s okay to visit just a few iconic places, take a few shots and spend the rest of the time relaxing in each other’s company and talking about yourselves.

7. Go local

You can also visit a few local spots at your honeymoon venue. Enjoy the hospitality and learn a few of their traditional wedding cultures and practises – you never know what you might learn and put to good use, later in life.

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8. Capture the moments

Like the planning ahead tip, in the beginning of this post, capturing the moments of your honeymoon can also be considered as one of the most important honeymoon tips for brides. You hardly ever go for honeymoon twice in a life time; so capture as much memories as you can, and keep nuggets of this free and happy time so that you would always have the memories with you.

Do not hesitate to take some ‘private’ pictures just for yourself and your spouse; these pictures can help spice things up in the future and remind you guys just how fun you used to be. However, remember to handle such pictures with discretion.

Bonus: try to watch the sunrise and sunset together with your other half – a little thing, like this, go a long way in adding more spice to your already romantic honeymoon.

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