Wedding Night: 5 Exciting Ways To Make It Perfect And Memorable

Wedding Night

There is no denying the fact that the wedding night is one of the most-awaited and magical moments of a newlywed’s life. While you might have many fantasies about your first night, there are bound to be some inhibitions too. Here are some tips to help make your first night memorable for both of you.

5 Exciting Ways To Make It Perfect And Memorable

1. Do not fantasise

It is amazing how movies and novels condition our minds when it comes to romance. A girl fantasises a Bollywood-style romance from her man while a man fantasises his wife to be a mix of Angelina Jolie and Nicki Minaj. We suggest you to better get realistic rather than living in a fantasy world. A few daydreams are okay but do not get caught up in them.

2. Communicate

If you are having an arranged marriage, speak of your fears and fantasies to your spouse before your wedding. Even if you are having a love marriage, communication is the key to any relationship. Be clear about your expectations from your partner. Also, it is better to talk about family planning and the use of contraceptive before you marry your partner.

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3. A surprise gift

A surprise gift for your spouse on your first night is a brilliant idea. Gift him/her something romantic. It can be a poem that you wrote, a bunch of roses, a Kamasutra book, or a romantic gift basket. Such gifts will surely please your partner.

4. Talk for a while

Since it is your first night, it is better to avoid jumping straight into the act once you two are alone in your bedroom. Even if you have known each other for years, it is always better to first build an emotional connection with your partner. A small phrase like, “thanks for being my better half” can do wonders too.

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Expressing your gratitude for having him/her as your spouse on your wedding night is even more wonderful. The rest will automatically follow.

5. A slow start

Start slowly by cuddling and kissing your sweetheart. You can feed each other during the foreplay. Share a bit of chocolate or a fruit. This magical night is all about showing your love and building up your affection. Tell your partner how long you have waited for this moment; express your passion with your romantic gestures.

In conclusion, remember it’s your wedding night. Please ensure it’s perfect and memorable so it can have a lasting impression on you and your partner.

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