My Owanbe Diary: Episode 8

My Owanbe Diary

Owanbe diary

What happened at the Owanbe party I attended on April 2nd was unbelievable. Imran had invited me to his friend’s birthday party; we had not seen each other in the last 2 weeks, despite all his attempts. I really don’t know why I have been avoiding him, but I think I needed time to be sure I know what I’m doing and define how to relate with him and Kunle.

In case you are wondering the whereabouts of Kunle, he has been in Port Harcourt since the week after his mother’s birthday party, but we talk every day.

I had promised to hang out with Imran, remember he called last weekend and was lamenting about how much he had missed me. To be sincere, I missed him too and was really looking forward to spending time with him.

On the day of his friend’s birthday party, he called me about an hour before he arrived my house that evening. I wore one of my nice party dresses and didn’t fail to use my Milani Amore Matte lipstick. I looked into the mirror and a voice in my head said to me “MARYAM, YOU LOOK STUNNING.”

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Imran honked his car at the gate, and I stepped out of my room just as soon as his phone call came in. The look on his face confirmed that the voice in my head was right and that he was utterly impressed by my appearance; and that gave me confidence and boosted my morale.

We later got to the venue of the party, one of the exquisite cafes on the Island. Most of the guests had arrived and were exchanging pleasantries. I wasn’t really much involved in the exchanging of pleasantries with the guests, because I wasn’t familiar with them, except for Abdullah who was Imran’s bestie.

The girls were really cool and friendly; I felt comfortable being in their midst. We gisted about guys, money and hustle. They complimented me for my dressing and appearance, and I also complimented their appearances.

Everything was going on fine and we were having lots of fun  until a guy who, I noticed, has been stealing glances at me all the evening walked up to me to have a rapport. He had barely said ‘Hi’ when Imran saw him and charged towards us, fuming with rage.

All I could hear was “You don start again ba; this one no be Funmi o, no try me today; I go treat your fuck up”. I was shocked, because I had never seen Imran angry before.

The other guys calmed him and the ladies tried to ease my shock. The ladies later explained that Funmi used to be Imran girlfriend; he loved her like a real man would and was looking forward to marrying her. The other guy, I found out his name was Jide, met Funmi at one of their hangouts and offered to drop her at home, as Imran’s car was at the workshop for some major repairs.

While driving her home, Jide had asked Funmi out, telling her how beautiful she was and deserving a better guy than Imran who, he claimed, had many other girlfriends. He begged her not to tell Imran, that he just felt she was good and didn’t want her to be hurt in the long run.

They exchanged contacts and it wasn’t long before the both of them started dating.

Jide deflowered Funmi and got her to abort 3 pregnancies, claiming they were not ready for marriage. After the third abortion, he dumped her as his main girlfriend, who had traveled to study in Canada, returned back to the country.

The girls narrated to me how the period was a very dark time in Imran’s life but he moved on, and that I was the first girl he had open up to since the incident. I felt really bad for Imran at the moment and understood his rage. Jide left the place almost immediately, and I was grateful because I don’t need any negative energy around us that night.

We left the venue around 9p.m. and drove home. Imran was unusually quiet, and this made me uncomfortable. I remembered he had mentioned a day before that he had something important to tell me.

I reminded him of it, and he held my hands and said “Maryam, I am scared, and I don’t want to lose you. Please just give me a little time” I was shocked and was like ‘ayam not undastanding.’ He said I shouldn’t bother about it and we would discuss some other time.

I sighed with relief because as much as I had pictured Imran asking me out, I wasn’t sure I wanted that to happen. We are in such a good place and I was enjoying every bit of our ‘FROMANCE’.

After having my bath and settling into my bed that night, I couldn’t sleep as I kept thinking about the awkward moment earlier in the night. Despite the fact that I was convinced in my heart and in my head that Imran was a good man, I just wasn’t ready and I could not phantom why. . . .


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I need to go back to my job now; those brand marketing strategies are not going to write themselves, and I have been having a great week at the office so far. So errrrrm…drops pen.



Your favorite party guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa (IG: @maryam_giwa).

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  1. Awwww, have been following up since and it’s very entertaining
    But why are u scared Sis, you shouldn’t be you know

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