My Owanbe Diary: Episode 6

My Owanbe Diary

Owanbe diary

It feels good to be away from the guys last weekend. Don’t get me wrong — I love having them around, and as a matter of fact, I have been spending my past weekends with either Kunle or Imran, ever since I met both of them. But, I don’t know why I always have this feeling that i am cheating on one whenever I am with the other.

Anyways I did not have that feeling last weekend, as I attended Temidara’s wedding; and I can say that the weekend is my best weekend so far this year.

Temidara was my friend back then in high school and been a part of her big day was a big deal for me. Her wedding was more of a reunion of my secondary school set.  We have this WhatsApp group that we discuss interesting topics that sometimes I laugh so hard to the extent that people around me wonder what was amusing me. I just hope, one day, they don’t bundle me and take me to left side of Yaba for laughing at the wrong place.

By the time Temidara wedding was announced in the group, her aso ebi had already finished, so we decided to do gele and caps on our own without going out of her wedding colours. I was in charge of getting the asooke caps and gele, and it wasn’t really hard because I knew just the right person to contact — a phone call to Kenny of @knottyknitters did the magic. The asooke was beautiful and delivered right before time without stress. You really need to feel the texture and see the design to understand how good the quality of the aso oke was.

On the morning of the wedding day, I was still sleeping around 9a.m. when Douye (@douyemua), my ever timely makeup artist, called me that she was at my gate. I struggled to get up to open the door for her and quickly rushed to have my bath.

Just as we were about to start, my mum came in to say hello and forced me into having a quick breakfast, after which Douye started her glam session. My mum was all over us checking and passing sarcastic comments at interval. I wonder what will happen on my own wedding day; I am definitely not sharing same hotel with her on that day.

A glance at my dress where I hung it made my mum ask a rhetorical question; she asked, in Yoruba language, “eyin omo yii sha, ara wo tun leleyi bayi”, meaning “children of nowadays, what style of dress is this one again?”. She then asked if I could branch, on my way to the wedding, to her supplier store and bring for her some goods she needed to restock her provision store.

I thought in my mind why my mum will want to spoil my shine. I explained to her that it wouldn’t be easy branch to her supplier store, and then still make it early to the wedding. Aside I was not going to be driving myself to the event, and I was still contemplating whether to hire a cab since finding Uber or Taxify was difficult around my house. In the end, we concluded that I will leave the wedding early enough to pick up the goods.

Just as my gele was being tied, I found out Owoyemi and a couple of friends would be driving down to the wedding venue, so I begged to tag along. We were enjoying the trip until they decided to branch at a bar to have a bottle of beer before finally going to the venue. Can u imagine that? They even tagged it ‘one for the road’. After they had their fill, we proceeded to the venue.

On getting to the venue, I caught up with old friends and it was exciting — 10 years is not a joke. We discussed about school days and i realise how much we all have grown, I filled a slum book  while in SS3 and indicated that I would be married with 1 kid and have a good job in the next 5 years; however 10 years later I am still single but, Alhamdulillah, I have a job.

Temidara looked really beautiful on her big day; her hair was classy and the styling was perfect, and it was not a surprise when I found out that her hair was styled by @Harllymart the hair bender. The attendance of Kankonians at the wedding was on point. I have to give credit to Onyinye Nwosu, who made it down to Nigeria from the United Kingdom in time for the wedding. I didn’t believe she would turn up until she booked her gele.

There were lots of dramas at the wedding; let me share of few of them with you.

First, the main hall was filled with mummies and daddies so my people transported themselves to the substitute hall and had like 5 tables to themselves. The bride put me in charge of food so I spent most of the time sorting food and drinks for my people #17yearsandstillgrinding.

Demmyfabz a.k.a sabo ate about 4 plates of pounded yam, claiming he needs to make up for his transport fare. Ugonna came without a babe because of Onyinye, but got his heartbroken when she turned up with another guy, whom she claimed drove her down.

Kafilat don’t want not be left out of the turn up, so she came despite been sick. She couldn’t eat but kept on drinking like a fish and talking like there was boil in her mouth. The romance between Tobi and Owoyemi is unexplainable; the two were always all over each other. Oshikoya and Esther looked like they were not growing any taller, although they are still very cute. Subomi hips was up for discussion like wawu, and Tawakaltu was all over the place.

Mudiagha turned up with his cute friend, and I could tell they were just cross examining girls. Nnenna was obviously catching all her fun, and Patience was on low key doing stuffs most of us could not see. Tosin was very useful and deserved every meal and drink he had that day, while Azeez was just lucky to have a plate of pounded yam handed to him at arrival before he sat down at all.

Ajibola and Tunde are still moving around with each other; both of them are still very cute but I was surprised to see Tunde going bald – I never saw that coming. Adetutu, my high school best friend also attended; the three of them used to be in a love triangle. Jide is a vampire and he didn’t age a bit. Medina was on fleek as usual; Bola was just smiling and Seun was still quiet as usual.

After all the eating and drinking we went out to take pictures and short videos before proceeding to dance with the bride. I spent all my money on the dancefloor, but nobody sprayed me; even Lekan that was following me up and down and proclaiming love just wanted to rock at no cost ‘Alawin boy’. i missed being showered with money though.

It was hard to part with these wonderful people at the end of the day. They called me different names like Superman, Batman, etc. because of my cape dress, and yes! I believe I can fly. Thank to @tejudiva for the beautiful dress.

Imran had called to know if he should come pick me up, but I declined and joined Ajibola and Tunde instead. I would not allow him jinx the day for me. He needs to realise he doesn’t have to pick and drop me all the time; he is not UBER!

My lunch break is over, and I need to get back to work, the #temitonye17 experience was too lit to be written in words. Please don’t miss my next week OWANBE DAIRY.


Your favorite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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  1. You wanted to get married 5yrs after sec school??! Lmao! You didn’t plus or minus Post UTME wahala and all dem ASUU,SSANU etc.?? Lmao
    Amazing write-up baby! I had a good laugh!

  2. Babe i am becoming addicted to this page of yours every saturday. This week own funny pass “drinking like a fish” 😂.

  3. Sorry Dearie, I just read this episode today. And I so love it. Keep up the good job Mariam.muaaah

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