My Owanbe Diary: Episode 5

My Owanbe Diary

Owanbe diary

It has been a very tiring week for me as Dare has been disturbing me with phone calls and text messages. I finally decided to see him last Saturday, but I regretted that decision; I had barely sat on the bed before he started making romantic advances on me.

I wasn’t comfortable with his advances, and I was like “Ogbeni calm down, ma lo wa o”.

Apparently, he didn’t have anything to say; he just wanted to taste my cookie, the one thing I am patiently waiting to share with only my future husband. I stormed out of his hotel room, warning him never to contact me again for the rest of his life.

That was the latest between me and Dare; now let’s gist about my 12th of March owanbe party with Kunle.

Kunle’s mum was celebrating her 60th birthday on the day; and he had bought and delivered the aso ebi and gele for me 2 week before the day. He even hired @douyemua on Instagram to do my makeup. I was thinking he just wanted his Sugarplum to be in the #pepper dem gang zone, but little did I know that he had his own plans.

He sent a cab to pick me up around 12PM, and we arrived at the venue about 2 hours later. At the venue, I was warmly received by his family and friends, and I even overheard one of his aunts, teasing him and saying “Dolapo will cry o”.

Kunle introduced me to his mum, who hugged me tight and pecked me on my cheeks. She admired my outfit (made by Leigho house of fashion) and my makeup, saying my fashion designer and make-up artist are brilliant. She was very pleasant and I must say I love her.

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After the meeting with Kunle’s mom, he escorted me to where he had reserved a seat for me and asked a usher and a server to attend to me. He also asked a little cousin of his to supervise them, and in my mind I was thinking ‘onisolenu ni bobo yi’.

While he was doing all of these, I noticed that a girl walked up to him to exchange pleasantries, but he paid little attention to her.

As soon as the event started properly, he came to sit beside me and we started gisting and catching up with the event. Ayulah has to be one of the best MCs in the country; he made the event interesting and engaged all the guests to the extent that we didn’t even realise how long we have been seated.

During the course of the event, I noticed a group of girls staring at us and giving me, especially, this devilish look and I couldn’t phantom why. I excused myself for the restroom, and as I was stepping outside, one of the girls walked up to me and asked who I was and what was my relationship to Kunle. I was about to answer, then I realised she was the same girl that had walked up to him earlier.

I told her I don’t understand her question and I don’t owe her an explanation, and that if she needed answers she should go and get it from Kunle. She said I had better be mindful how I talk to her and not cross her, or else she will seriously deal with me. I kept my calm and walked back to my seat.

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It was time to dance, and Kunle asked me to dance with him; he took my hand in his and led me to the dance floor. We danced and he made a good show, spraying me lots of money. Considering the manner I am being showered with money these days, I was beginning to think of quitting my job and make dancing at owanbeparries my new hustle.

The witch, with her squad, walked to the dance floor and attempted to get Kunle’s attention, but it was in vain. I wonder what she did to him to have resented her that much. The party ended but I had to wait for Kunle to say a farewell to all members of the family, before going home. He had earlier promised to drive me home himself and also discuss something important with me, so we waited till everyone has left.

Before leaving, Kunle’s mum hugged me again and prayed for me; I prayed for her, too, since one good turn deserves another. One of his sisters walked up to me and told me they all loved me and hope to see more of me. I smiled shyly and said in sha Allah; but at this point i was getting confused.

Kunle came to inform me that it was time to leave and I said goodbye to his family. In the car, he asked if i noticed the girl that was trying to get his attention and I replied in affirmative. He explained she was his family friend Dolapo, and that they dated for awhile till she became obsessive and cheated on him. He said there was even a time she got pregnant for another man, and because of this, he wanted to break up with her, but she threatened to commit suicide if he ever tried to leave her.

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He said he was finally able to get rid of her after she went with thugs to attack one of his colleagues at work for always calling him. He said he paid the hospital bills, and he has been avoiding her since then, except for family functions that she attends as a family friend.

I told him about my experience with her at the party and he assured me not to worry as he will make sure he puts her in her place and ensure she doesn’t harm me. Then I asked about what he wanted to talk to me about and he replied, saying “ Tonight is no longer right for the discussion; I will find another appropriate time”. I said “ok, no problem.”

We were approaching my gate by now and I alighted from the car and bid him farewell. As soon as I stepped into my room Imran called, and he was gisting me about how his day went and also asked about mine. I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell him what happened that day, since he doesn’t even know about Kunle.

We were still on phone when my phone started beeping as Kunle’s call was waiting. I said goodnight quickly to Imran and was in time to pick Kunle call. Our conversation did not last for long as we were both tired.

I took my bath and retired to bed, but I kept thinking about why I couldn’t tell both of them about each other. What exactly am I scared of?


Your favorite party guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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  1. This is my first time reading this and I am so loving it. Well done sister. Your instagram page brought me here. I am a stalker 🙈 but I am hitting the follow button soon

  2. my sister from anoda mother, your pple dey sight ur work from kaduna here….big ups gurl ure making a different….dont eva think of quitting

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