My Owanbe Diary: Episode 4

My Owanbe Diary

Owanbe diary

It has been an amazing week, as Imran has been totally amazing. Remember Imran? Errrm…he is that Ajebo guy I met at the wedding that bad belle Tolani invited me to. You won’t believe she went around saying she took me to an elite party and that I was forming at the party. Even though I may not be a big time Ajebo babe, I always had class, and I believe that was why she begged me to follow her to the party.

Anyways, when she is ready she will explain what is really getting her that pained.

Back to my Owanbe diary for this week: March 5th was one hell of a day. Going to that party was out of no choice. Ever dated your close-friend’s brother, cousin or family friend? It is never an easy thing; the rule is don’t even try to break up, especially if you are the type that don’t maintain friendship with your ex after a break up.

Dolapo (the bride) is my close-friend Damilola’s cousin. Damilola and I met when we were 5-years-old and have been keeping our friendship till today. Dolapo always visited me during holidays, so three of us were close and inseparable. You can say we are sisters.

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I know you are wondering why I am attending my friend’s wedding with mixed feeling. The reason is because I have not seen Dare in almost 2 years. Dare is Dolapo’s elder brother and my ex-boyfriend.

When we were still dating, Dare and I were inseparable; we were so much in love and our relationship was heaven on earth. He was a student at that time, yet I was contented with the little he had to offer and never granted any  other man audience.

After his graduation he got a job in a big firm and he started behaving strange. I would apologize when I wasn’t wrong and sometime cried to Dolapo and Damilola. It came to a point that his sisters advised me to let him go, but I choose to fight for my man. I later realized he was cheating on me and left him for good. I believed I deserved better and wasn’t going to settle for less.

Everybody was excited about Dolapo’s wedding, but I silently hoped Dare won’t be able to travel back into the country for the wedding. I don’t want to see him.

I met with my girls at the hotel room the night before the wedding, and I totally forgot about Dare as we had quite a lot to gist about. We were into the gist when Damilola asked how I will react when I see Dare. I just responded by saying “Normal “

Dare had tried reaching me in the last 2years, but I told him to come say whatever he had to say to my face. He really hurt me, and I wasn’t even ready to laugh with him at all.

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On the wedding day, I spotted Dare as soon he stepped into the hall. There was this rush of excitement I felt on seeing him, but I controlled myself and pretended not to see him. He walked up to me and called me with the pet name he gave me when we were lovebirds. I was like “Ogbeni, ko le werk”.

He pulled me up, and I gave in to his hug; it still felt the same except for the abs that are quite firmer now. The wedding was lit, and we had fun. While I was dancing and grooving at the after-party, I got distracted on seeing the shower of money falling on me. Guess who was running the shower? It was Dare showing off, spraying me with money. He lavished a whole bundle of ₦500 notes on me and pulled me close for a dance with him.

I was beginning to feel the rush, then he asked us to sit and talk for a bit. While we were sitting he started talking about how sorry he was to have treated me the way he did and that he was ready to make amendments, if I am ready to give him another chance.

My heart skipped, and I was short of words. Some feelings never die, they say, but some scars never fade, too. Deep down I still had a soft spot for him; he was the Ken to my Barbie. Just as I was looking for the right words to say, my phone rang and it was Imran (my new Ajebo guy). He was at the gate of the events centre to pick me up. I told him I will be with him, shortly.

I told Dare that I had to leave as my ride was here already. He asked to see me off, and as we approached the gate, he asked if I still had feelings for him. I told him we should talk about that later. The look on Dare’s face, as Imran stepped down to exchange pleasantries, was unexplainable. I stepped into the car and watched him in the side mirror till he was out of sight.

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How could I have been short of words? How can he have such effect on me despite 2 years of been apart? Why was I unable to answers his questions?  Lot of questions kept running through my mind.

I thought about everything I have been through with Dare; the days I met him in a compromising position with other girls and he didn’t even feel sorry; the days I stayed with him in hospital after he got beaten for messing with someone-else girlfriend. I kept reminding myself that I deserved better.

Imran interrupted my thoughts, asking if I was okay as I was quiet throughout the trip and i didn’t even realise we had gotten to my gate. I told him I was fine but just tired. His next question was “Who is that guy? I think he got to you”, and I replied in just 5 words, saying “Someone I used to know”.

I stepped out of the car, went into my apartment, had a cold bath, and went straight to bed. I don’t need so much confusion in my life.

My boss just stepped in, so I have to drop my pen now…


Your Favourite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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  1. Only you o, hot chick. Biko Imran for now, we don’t need that confusion, Dare seems like a woman wrapper, and Kunle is greedy!

  2. Pls o! What is a few 500 naira bill to the dollars that inran sprayed u, he should go nd form somewhere else. As for stingy kunle no comment

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