My Owanbe Diary: Episode 3

My Owanbe Diary
Owanbe diary

I am grateful to everyone who reached out to me about Kunle, asking me to give him a second chance. I did as you guys advised; and we are doing great just like we used to. Kunle has now made it a duty to send me lunch everyday since the incident that I can’t even phantom if he is trying to impress me or he is insulting me by indirectly calling me a foodie.

Back to the matter: 25th of February was a great day for me, but I can’t say the same for my friend Tolani. Tolani called me on Monday, asking me to attend the wedding of a colleague of hers. She went on and on about how lit the wedding is going to be, as the couples were both from elite families.

I know her true intention was just to attend with a party rocker, and I was just the right person since I was equally a party slayer. I asked for the Aso-ebi sample but Tolani said she didn’t have it. However she had the Gele sample, and luckily it was exactly the same type and colour with the one I bought for Rahma’s (a friend) wedding.

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She then said the Aso-ebi was a burgundy cord lace, and thankfully I also had one burgundy lace my ex-boyfriend got for me the last time he was out of the country; so I opted for the fabric.

The day came and we drove to the venue which was a top-notch event centre in one of the luxurious corner on the Island. As we stepped into the hall, guess what? The Aso-ebi was the same with my lace. My confidence rose by 200%, and the thought that at least my ex-boyfriend did something right for once struck my mind.

Food and drinks were on point, and I was catching all the vibes from the cute Ajebo guy that was feeling the girl. And because of my dress, I was given the Aso-ebi-ladies VIP treatment by the ushers, and also got all the shared souvenirs, which ranged from smartphones to laptops and even a mini fridge. At least the money I paid for makeup did not go to waste

The DJ started the after party and I just couldn’t help but get my groove on. Before I could say jack my Ajebo new crush started spraying me money; I had the time of my life. The guy sprayed me with both Naira and Dollar. Tolani didn’t like the shine I was getting at the party, and she couldn’t hide it.

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Sebi na jeje I dey my lane before she throw me invite.

She walked up to me and said it was time to go home. I asked her to chill a bit so I could say farewell to my new friend. By the time I got to the car park, I realized Tolani already left me. I wasn’t surprised, she has always been a  jealous person.

I tried getting Taxify or Uber, to come pick me, but my internet reception was poor. I was frustrated, and just when I made up my mind to trek down to get a cab, my new friend honked and offered me a ride.

The comfort from his Benz was exactly what I needed, and just when I was settling to enjoy the ambience in the car, he plugged his phone to his aux cord and Tony Wenom ‘Give ’and Take started playing. I didn’t know when I shouted “omg, that is my jam”;  he said he also loved the track and that Wenom was talented while reference to show love feat. Phyno and Bembe. We discussed music and movies and realized we had similar interest.

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We were approaching my gate already and I didn’t want the night to end but then we had to say goodnight. We exchanged contact details and promised to keep in touch.

Will he be my Yoruba angel or is he another demon? I will find out soon.

I tried calling Tolani, but she wasn’t picking. Anyway, good riddance!

I feel very sleepy so let me drop my pen at this point.


Your favorite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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  1. Lmao. See shade abeg “at least my ex-boyfriend did something right for once” OOPzzzzz! .. But what’s up with Tolani na. She doesn’t want someone to shine ni, abi she be Tboss(BBnaija) sister ni?

  2. Waooo, so so happy about this, @least you got all the best treatment you deserve, unlike mr kunle invite, And to ms tolani, Hmmmm I can imagine how jealous she is nevertheless thanks to her for inviting our aunt Maryam giwa

  3. Hmmm.tolani d jealous fwend😦😂😂😂😂. Y did she invite u den.cant wait for d next episode.interesting. good bless u.more power to ur elbow

  4. Looking forward to the next episode. I am beginning to get addicted to Owanbe diary o More power to your elbow Sis

  5. if there was a like button on dis and u can like as many times as u want i will be liking it forever.this is wonderful

  6. Why you sef over shine your under shining babe??

    You never disappoint with your prowess though. You know I love you.

  7. Imagine going for a wedding and getting an iPhone and laptop for sourveiner. Wish I was u.
    Pls make ur writeups longer. Just srarted reading but Can’t take the suspense

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