Owanbe Diary Episode 26

owanbe dairy episode 26

Hi guys, I have not exactly started my year on a turnt mode. I was so tired of January that I am glad February is here. My excitement is not because it is the lovers month and I am most likely to get valentine gifts from Imran and Kunle. I had only one Owanbe in January, can you Imagine? But no worries, I have 2 lined up for February already and I am still expecting some impromptu invites.

Ilorin stood up for my friend Kenny Salami and his belle Khadijat. This wedding was turnt but then, experience has taught me not to expect less from Mc Ayulah (baba issa MVP). I want to go into the details of how fun this day was for me but what I experienced just before the wedding is worth sharing.

On that bright morning, I screamed out loud when I got the e-invite from Kenny. The guy I have been trolling in the past year is finally taking the big step and yes, Kenny has to be one of the many great guys I have met in the life. Just in case you were wondering, I run a strict No demon zone (90% of my male friends are super cool dudes).

I asked Kenny about aso-ebi and he made realise that they didn’t pick any but their wedding colours were White and Fuschia pink. I contacted Ra’adire to make a nice Adire Fabric for me in those colours. Damn the sight of the design was marvellous and I couldn’t wait to get it to the Tailor. I decided to try out a new tailor and I was assured that I would love my outfit.

I had made arrangements to travel down to Ilorin with Tola. I am unapologetic about loving free rides. We were scheduled to leave on Friday the 12th and my new tailor delivered my dress on the 11th. In a bid to brag to my friend and roommate, Abiola about how badass my outfit was I discovered the dress didn’t fit.

I was heartbroken, what do I do? We were scheduled to travel the following day. My friend was beginning to console me. We started scouting for what could fit in my wardrobe. Pink is not my colour so I didn’t have anything pink in my closet except for the veil I got from seemah couture which I had planned to wear for the wedding.

I spent the entire night looking for designers that could offer fast options. I found Balkis the tailor on Instagram and we negotiated all night. She promised to make something and send to Ilorin by Friday night. I trusted her in good faith and set out to travel in the morning.

The long ride to Ilorin was fun with Tola. I remembered when Tola was getting married the year before, it was Kenny who drove me to and from Ibadan and now Tola is doing the same for me with respect to Kenny wedding. I was a little worried about my dress as I didn’t leave with a backup, I admire my guts sha.

I got a call on Friday night that my dress was en route Ilorin. I had to pick up on the day of the wedding. I rushed to TyBellz pro to get my makeup done and after the whole process, my heart began to race as I was about to try my dress on. The excitement on my face when I realised it was a perfect fit cannot be explained.

With the usual aura, I set out to the venue to have the time of my life. Ain’t no tailor gonna steal my shine. I had fun at the wedding. The bride looked so beautiful and was a pretty good dancer. The groom looked handsome as always. However, I can’t say much about his dancing before he comes to my house and beat me.

I wish you a blissful marital life and pray you fall deeper in love with each other as the day goes by. #KHAFIZ2018 was lit!!!

I had fun hanging out with Rukayat (@rukkyconcept) and her friend. Thanks for making my last weekend night in Ilorin worth it.

I am not gone, till I pick up my pen later.

Your favourite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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