Owanbe Diary Episode 25

Owanbe diary episode 25

It’s been a while on this street, as I have been on this very long break and I miss you all. I hope you have been having better days and living life to the fullest. This Lagos is one big movie set and everyone is just acting one role or the other.

2nd of December, 2017…

This was a magical day. I still find it very difficult to comprehend what happened that. It was one of those “Kilon shele gangan” moments.

I was on my own oo when my friend Dammy begged me to follow her to her Boss nephew’s  wedding. According to her, it was very important for her to go and she didn’t want to be bored and alone. I had argued with her that why will she be alone since her other colleagues will be at the event too. She justified my invite by saying I am the ultimate wedding guest, life of the party and everyone’s favorite wedding guest.

My head began to swell like my maternal grandma was praising me using our lineage eulogy. If only Dino Melaye was there to sing “Ajeku Iya ni o je” for me, I probably would have sat my ass at home and avoided the biggest embarrassment of my life.

I wore my Nude dress from @AuseofLeelah, beautiful turban from @seemahscouture to match, and got @glambytaiwo to do my makeup. Everything was che-che and fleek-fleek in Mayorkun’s voice. I asked Dammy to call a cab but she said a car was coming to get us. It did not take too long before a Bright Red Mercedes Benz C450 AMG formatic with black rims pulled up in the compound and Dammy announced our ride was here.

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The feeling I got from stepping into the car must have been the same feeling MI got when he sang Bullion Van. I was charged up and everything became perfect when BAD GIRL RIRI by Yonda feat Mayorkun was playing in the car (MY JAM!). These must have been my best moments on that day.

We got to the venue like royalties and Dammy chose not to sit with her colleagues. We sat with some older men like that and even though I wasn’t comfortable, I could sense making lots of money on the dancefloor. Everything at the wedding was on point, and then it was time to dance. Dammy asked that we go to the dancefloor since her boss was dancing. I didn’t make any meaning out of it since it was her boss and her colleagues were also on the dancefloor as well the men we sat with who I later found out were her boss’s club members.

Everything was going smoothly on the dancefloor and my dance moves were cashing out for me. My clutch bag was filled with naira notes, dollars and pounds. We were getting set to leave and Dammy asked me to go wait by the car for her that she will be with me in a minute. I agreed and was already thinking of contacting El Suraj to change my foreign currency.

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And then…

I was standing by the car when a woman charged towards me and landed a very resounding slap on my face. Also, I remember hearing echoes and she started screaming at me calling me all sorts of names like Ashewo, home breaker, reaping where I didn’t sow and all sorts of things. I was shocked because it was sudden and I couldn’t defend myself. People gathered and Dammy just came to whisk me away apologizing to the woman. Surprisingly she had ordered a Taxify ride to take us home. I questioned her amidst tears and she mentioned one particular Gloria girl in the office must have gossiped to her boss’s wife.

She realized she had slipped and try to cover up but after I threatened to take the matter up legally, she opened up to me that she is having an affair with her boss justifying her actions by the decision of the boss’s wife to relocate abroad. Also, she mentioned that Gloria had tried to seduce the boss but he was interested in her instead. She went on and on about how caring and generous her boss was and how this made Gloria jealous.

Gloria had tipped the boss’s wife off about them and given her the description of the company car that brought us which was why I was attacked with a misconception that I was the one sleeping with the boss. I did not recognize the girl sitting next to me. Dammy used to be decent and morally upright. What exactly went wrong? And why did I have to pay the ultimate price?

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I was glad the incident didn’t make it any of those gossip blogs. It was really hard and even the money couldn’t comfort me. I forgive Dammy but I admonished her to change her ways. She was lucky today but I can’t guarantee a next time. She cried a lot and promised to end things with the boss and suggested looking for alternatives too, and I promised to be there to support her through it all.

I know you are wondering why I didn’t end my friendship with her. One mistake doesn’t invalidate all the other good qualities she possesses. Furthermore, it is our duties as friends to correct each other and make each other better persons

It was a day I hope never to relive!


Your Favorite Wedding Guest,
Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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