Owanbe Diary Episode 24

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September 23rd, 2017 will forever be a blessed memory in my heart, my dearest friend Morenikeji got married to Adamu. This union is very personal to me because the love started with me and will not have any reason to turn sour Insha Allah.

I met Morenikeji during our pre-degree programme back then in the University of Ibadan, and luckily for us, we were both admitted for Bsc. degree programmes immediately after the pre-degree programme. Keji got admitted to study chemistry and me to study Agriculture. We were not in the same department or faculty but we were lucky to be allocated to the same hall of residence “The prestigious Queen Idia Hall”.

I stayed with Keji during the early days pending the time my room was allocated to me since she already got her room first. We took same courses at the CBN large lecture theatre so it was quite easy maintaining a close relationship. Morenikeji was a very beautiful girl with the hourglass figure and she sure knew how to walk with a certain gait. It was easy to notice the damsel that moves around with the weird Tomboy which was me. I had my dreadlocks on and I will never wear makeup( unbelievable, I know right).

The great Baluba Kingdom, Nnamdi Azikiwe hall popularly known as ‘Zik or Zoo’ had one of the best press organizations in school and had this column where they feature & interview ladies on campus called ‘ Village Beauty’.

Adamu, a prominent pressman on campus then called Morenikeji asking to be interviewed on the platform based on recommendations from some persons on campus and I urged her to agree, after all, she is a  beauty to behold and she is also very brainy. I promised to stay with her throughout the interview and make it fun for her.

The interview day came, Adamu was on time and we sure had fun all through the session. I was there cracking everyone around up and Adamu ended up spending more time than usual. Ever come across that meme on social media that states that “there is that one friend everyone is willing to buy suya for their friend’s number”? Well, that was me.

A lot of guys will always approach me with the intention of dating my friend but she was never interested and I never actually helped them talk to her. Reason being that most of them were quite unserious and I wasn’t seeing any level of maturity in them. Did I mention that as at that time, my friend had never been in a relationship? Yes! You read that Right!

One night on my way to the hall, I met Adamu around C block of Independence Hall. He stopped me and after exchanging pleasantries he said: “ Maryam let us rub our backs together”. I didn’t understand the statement so he explained that he needed my help.

He went further to state that he loves Morenikeji and would love to make her his wife in future but he would have to start from somewhere. He also won’t want to take advantage of the interview to continue staying in touch. After about 30 mins of chatting with him, I knew I wanted him for my friend.

I began to execute my plan to hook Keji up with Adamu almost immediately. Keji didn’t really have friends and I was the one who took her everywhere and she met a lot of people through my craziness. I would always try to take her to hang out with Adamu but still, she wasn’t showing any signs.

The perfect moment came when Adamu signed up for one of the biggest public speaking contest on campus called ‘ Super Bowl’ where contestants speak on core national issues with the section they prepared for and the impromptu segment too. I made sure Keji attended the programme with me and I think Adamu struck a chord in her heart with how he intelligently and brilliantly expressed himself on the stage.

After that day, we all started hanging out a lot together and the bond between the two began to get stronger. Morenikeji later went ahead to participate in the annual ‘ Miss Idia’ pageant and she won and she also won the annual ‘ Village Beauty’ contest too.

This got to Adamu and he told me he doesn’t think he should ask her out now because he doesn’t want it to seem like it is because she is a beauty queen. I encouraged him not to look back except he was no longer interested because I was sure at that point that she also felt something. I began to give excuses not to hang out with both of them anymore and this gave them the opportunity to be together alone most of the time.

Then finally,

The day came, during a very long walk along Idia/ Awo road, when Adamu asked Keji to be the love of his life and that was the beginning of their lifelong romance.

They spent most of their time together and it wasn’t  long before everyone on campus got wind of their romance and at a point, it was the topic of discussion in the Northern part of the school. They would always wear same cloth fabrics and take cute photos together. Their love was unconditional and to the glory of God they made it a permanent union on the 23rd of September and my joy knew no bounds.

Not every girl will be as lucky as Keji who got it right at the first attempt and married her first and only boyfriend but Everyone deserves to find and stay in true love.

It is not usually easy, and I am still caught between Kunle and Imran, hoping God would help me make the best decision.

My kettle pot just whistled, my tea is ready!


Your Favorite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa


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