My Owanbe Diary: Episode 12

My Owanbe Diary

My Owanbe Diary

Last weekend was not exactly an Owanbe. I attended @butterfingers2014 free cake-tasting and photo day. I bet you guys didn’t know there is a Cakery like they love to call it  located on Salvation road, Opebi in Ikeja.

Without mincing words let me gist you how the cake-tasting went. I was on my own, jejely, going through my timeline on Instagram when I came across a post about a free cake-tasting and photo day; and since there was no party to attend, I decided to attend — who does not love cake and pictures, especially when it is free!

I was at the Cakery, and to be honest, those cakes were the best I ever tasted. This is not an advert — I sincerely hope the owners of Butterfingers Confections see this post and invite me for another round of cake.

On the tasting day, I tasted seven different flavours, and they all tasted great. But the one I loved most was their signature recipe called Black Forest. You guys can confirm my claims by stopping at Butterfingers Confections and ask to try a piece, if by chance you pass through Opebi in Ikeja.

That was the gist about my last Saturday, but you guys won’t believe how crazy my week went. Kunle kept on calling me. I had determined to ignore his calls so I didn’t even bother picking up, whenever he rings my phone. In fact, I made sure calls from him went to silent mode.

He sent several text messages, pretending to be confused about my recent attitude towards him.

I did not bother to reply any of his messages, because I was really pissed by his attitude the last time. I really wished Imran was around, it’s barely 2 weeks since he left and it feels like 2 years. Despite the fact that Imran and I talk every day, it still doesn’t feel the same as being in the same city.

I was in the office on Tuesday, when a beautiful veil was delivered to me by an anonymous person. I was almost declining to collect it, thinking it was not for me because I was not expecting a gift, not even a veil. But I realized I was the only one using veil in my office, and since my name, my address and my phone number were boldly written on it, I was sure the veil was definitely for me.

Later, after collecting the veil and continuing with my work, I got an email notification, and opening the pop-up message, I saw a GIF image with the words ‘I hope the veil sits perfectly around your neck, Love I.

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At that moment, I missed Imran more and wished he could just express himself, tell me his mind; or should I just ask him myself? I replied the mail saying, “I know it would because you are very much in my heart and always ringing in my head, Love M”

If Imran can be treating me like Jollof Rice, why should I let Kunle get away with treating me like Akamu?

I was still at the office when Kunle’s car pulled into the driveway, and I immediately called the secretary to tell him I was unavailable. About 10 minutes later, I saw him drive out and I was relieved.

Sincerely, a part of me wants to sit and talk to him, but he disrespected me and that makes me feel bad.

As I was stepping out of my office premises, after closing around 6p.m., I heard a voice calling out my name, and on looking to the direction of the caller, I was Kunle. I couldn’t hide or run away at that time. I waited and he begged me to enter his car; I obliged but made sure I did not smile at all. He started asking what he did that I was hell bent on avoiding him.

He narrated how emotionally down he was ever since I have started avoiding him, and went on saying I am a vital part of his life and that I should please be good friend with him again and that he was very sorry for everything, he might have done wrong.

At that point, tears was building up in my eyes, and I began venting my anger, asking him why would he dare invite me for an outing, only to leave me at the place and go away with another girl.

In reply to my anger he held my hands, buried his face in it and said he was deeply sorry — this struck my heart.

He said it was not intentional, that he had earlier promised to drop the girls off and was planning to come back to meet me, but the fact that I also stood up and was ready to leave made him concluded that I had somewhere to go, too.

He mentioned how the Teju girl wasn’t even worth it as she and her friend made him drive them to Hard Rock Café, and when he told them he was leaving, she said they couldn’t stay there without him. And trust Kunle — he won’t spend his hard earned money just like that after Ocean Basket cruise.

Later at night, she texted him, saying he should not offer to take her out if he cannot foot all her expenses and that of her friends, emphasising on the fact that Kunle had embarrassed her. He said he was shocked as he had no intention of even dating her, and saying Instagram girls shaaaaa.

We laughed it off and stopped by the nearest Dominos to catch up over Pizza and Ice Cream. He made me laugh and I began to remember all the good things about him — probably I went too far with my vexation but it was effective.

A glance at the veil around my neck and I remembered Imran. I told Kunle that we had to leave and he offered to drop me at home. The drive home was very interesting as Kunle cracked me up all the way home. As we arrived at the turning into my street, I saw the familiar Benz and my heart started beating fast.

I dropped from the car, casually, and said goodbye to Kunle. It turned out that there was no one in the Benz, and I was relieved. At first, I thought it was Imran and was fidgeting as I wasn’t ready for Kunle and Imran to meet, until I was clear on the intentions towards them.

Just as I got to my door a guy was sitting on my flower bed, like he was waiting to surprise me. OMG! He was Imran. He had come straight to my place from the airport and wanted to see my face, before heading home.

I have really missed him so much and there he was, standing in my front, with the veil he sent to me as a gift sitting perfectly around my neck.

With Imran around, my weekend is about to be lit!


Your Favorite Party Guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa (@maryam_giwa).

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  1. Awwwwwwww. Imran love. Wait o??? They haven’t met? But they must know about each other definitely expect they are not following your owanbe series.

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