Facebook to Happily Ever After: The Love Story of Ogechukwu and Engr Oyeka

ogechukwu & Engr oyeka love story

4 years ago on the 7th October, a love story was lit and kindled. A beautiful, magical and colorful script was written by God and inculcated in our hearts. We were fit to play cast in God’s own love story. I, Ogechukwu (@Ogechukwukama) married my best friend Engineer Oyeka and lover (@engr_oyeka).

How We Met

We met during our University days back in 2008 and became “say-me-hi” friends for d next 4 years. We never really spoke to each much but fast forward to 2012 after school, I noticed one Uncle (him) always liking my pics on facebook. But I never really noticed the guy since I didn’t even know he was my friend on Facebook.

Then one day, he messaged me (of course I did what we ladies all do. Quickly went to his wall to check him out) and I replied. He then asked for my number and I gave him and from that day, we talked every day. Then one day he begged me to come to his house to help him refurbish it (at this time, feelings was growing small). I went to his house and was surprised he allowed me to handle the whole thing.

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It was really funny how ALOR breeze blew me that day because I spent more time with him and one of the times we spent together, emotions were hot and a love story was lit and kindled (dude never asked me out! Just realizing this). I guess had been swept off my feet. From there, we entered a relationship so DEEP, TRUE, UNDERSTANDING, EMOTIONAL, REALLY COLOURFUL & BEAUTIFUL.

ogechukwu & Engr oyeka

The Proposal

Fast forward to the 18th day of December 2016, he properly asked me to be HIS WIFE AND HIS NEW PARTNER for ETERNITY (boy oh boy I made sure he knelt down for at least 2 minutes before I asked him to stand up. It wasn’t intentional though. I was just dumbfounded).

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Somehow, cat got my tongue and I did not say yes. I was just shining my teeth like a Christmas goat and nodding like an alligator lizard but trust me d YES I said in mind was louder than that of the highest Opera singer the world has ever heard.

ogechukwu & Engr oyeka

And finally,

Fast forward to October 7th, 2017, his kinsmen left their beautiful abode at Alor London and journeyed to my humble abode at Enugu-Ukwu to meet my kinsmen. A lot was said and agreed upon till it came down to this blissful pact between both families that we can traditionally be recognized as one.

He is the best man in the world, my supporter, confidant, critic, closest comedian. The kind of funny things he does most times sends me laughing and rolling on the floor. He never ever gets tired of my plenty gist and plenty play too. Oyeka my best audience, it’s been a beautiful voyage with you so far.

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ogechukwu & Engr oyeka

ogechukwu & Engr oyeka

ogechukwu & Engr oyeka

Owanbe Vendors

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