NYSC Love: The Love Story & Pre-wedding Shot of Oluwagbemike & BAE

After graduation I was posted to Rivers State for my NYSC and was willing to stay in the state, hoping I would get my dream Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). But then, I opted for a redeployment to Abuja when I got the opportunity, and that was where I met Oluwagbemileke.

We met in church and usually saw each other but neither greeted nor talked. In April of the year, we had a program in the church, and at the end of the program, I was discussing with my aunty in Yoruba, when he and his friends interrupted. They were so surprised to know that I am actually a Yoruba girl, and this is because a lot of people believe I am an Ibo.

That was where the conversation started; we had gist about my tribal identity erroneously believed to be Ibo, and at the end, we parted ways, with him collecting my number. The conversation between us continued, we became friends, but without any romantic agenda.

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Over time I saw in him as a confidant, a friend, a teacher and most especially a leader. And if I were to go by my want-list in a man, I would have ticked him perfect for everything, but because I wanted the assurance to go ahead from God, I started praying about him so as not to miss my God-sent man.

In September, he escaped from the friend zone😀 and made his intentions known. I prayed again and got a confirmation about him, and I had an amazing peace that I couldn’t even explain.  The rest they say is history and here we are.

I am so excited to start a new phase of our amazing journey with my man, lover, teacher, support system, “encourager” and most especially my friend.

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Photography: @glintz_photography

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