Nigerian Wedding Guest Outfits: Tips & Rules To Choosing the Best

Nigerian wedding guest outfits

Nigerian wedding guest outfits are more about the aso-ebis than any other outfits. However, the truth of the matter is that we do not always have a uniform fabric to wear.

And so for those times when the couple decides not to impose any aso-ebi on their friends and family, it’s time to save up by putting on something you already have, or go shopping for what you actually want to wear.

Nigerian wedding guest outfits
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In this post, I will be giving the tips and rule to follow when choosing Nigeria wedding guest outfits.

Rules Governing Nigerian Wedding Guest Outfits

  • No plain whites

This is simply because you are not there to compete with the bride; it’s her day and you are her guest. This rule is flexible enough as you can put on patterned whites, off-whites and cream-colored clothes. But respect the bride enough to not put on your white flowing dress, with all the lacy trims that will end up dividing other guests’ attention between you and the bride.

  • It’s not a funeral
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I know a number of eclectic people that like the colour black and would not give up any opportunity to indulge in wearing black. But then, it’s a wedding, a beginning of new things and something to celebrate.

If you must go black, then make sure to spruce it up with some colorful accessories (no red and black though – that’s just so cultish or bitchy). A flower-patterned black dress, a lacy, strapless bohemian gown could actually do well as a pretty awesome wedding guest outfits.

  • Tone down the official look

If your closet is full of suits and other work clothes, then it’s time for you to take a trip to the shopping mall as those work suits are no Nigerian wedding guest outfits. Official wears do not cut it for a wedding.

A wedding is an absolutely casual affair meant to be for fun and partying; so if you must get a piece from the office clothes collection, you would need to dress it up with some fun accessories to make the cut.

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Now to the tips on choosing the best Nigerian wedding guest outfits.

Tips on Choosing the Best Nigerian Wedding Guest Outfits

  • Flowery is good. Weddings are all about newness and freshness and beauty, and nothing denotes this more than flowers; so go for the flowery gowns. Also, remember that you would be having fun at the wedding party, so go for an outfit that would let you have as much fun as possible and dance freely.
  • Get colourful. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colours for Nigerian wedding guest outfits. Reds, oranges, pinks as well as pastels will go well for a wedding. Just remember to keep it simple and classy; you do not want to go over the top or garish when it comes to wedding outfits.
  • Accessorize smartly. For every occasion, regardless of what type of occasion, your accessories always determine the success of your outfit. If you are putting on a tailored gown or skirt and blouse, with your gele, do not forget the rule that you accessorize with the least visible color on your dominant fabric. You do not want to go using purple accessories with a purple-based gele and lace outfit, which would end up being an eyesore.
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From strapless knee-length, body-fitted gowns, to full-sleeved peplum tops on slit pencil skirts, the array of styles for Nigerian wedding guest outfits is quite vast. Off-shoulder dresses, lacy pastel-colored gowns, peplum dresses, wrap dresses, midi gowns, halter dresses, skater gowns etc., the list is endless.

Even simple and elegant maxi dresses are a big hit for weddings, and yes, jumpsuits can now be worn to weddings but no jeans yet.

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