My Owanbe Diary: Episode 9

My Owanbe Diary

Owanbe diary

Last weekend, my friend Jadesola and I were at her acclaimed friend’s wedding party. Though I wasn’t in the mood to attend any party, she pleaded to me, and I told her I will think about it.

On the Saturday morning, Imran called to ask if I would be at home, and I replied negative, that I was attending an event. I really don’t know why I have been avoiding Imran — I think I just don’t want to hear those scary three words.

I placed a quick call to Jadesola, asking if my slot for the MOGBO MOYA was still available. She was happy that I eventually changed my mind to attend, and 2 hours later, she was at my gate to pick me up. On our way to the venue, she asked about my sudden change of mind, and I told her I was bored and needed a timeout. At the wedding venue, the glitz and glam were impressive, and everybody was on fleek and looking fabulous.

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Oh! My bad, I haven’t told you the reason I didn’t want to follow Jadesola in the first place. Jadesola is cunning — that girl is not loyal to anyone but herself.

As the party started progressing, I discovered that Jadesola wasn’t even a friend to either of the couple. She was attending the event because of a guy she had recently met. Earlier, when we arrived at the party, the guy had come to welcome us as soon as we alighted from the Uber ride we took to the venue.

The party was lit, the guy, his friend, Jade and I were gisting and catching up. There were more than enough foods and drinks, but I settled for mocktails and barbecue chicken. You guys need to have a taste of the mocktails and cocktails served at the party; they were made by @charis_cuisine, and their tastes were out of this world. I can certify the owner, whomever she might be, as the best bartender yet!

We danced and even though the guys didn’t spray me money, they had great dance moves and the groove was lit. It was time to go home, and just as we were going out, I slipped and sprained my ankle. The other guy (the friend of the guy Jadesola just met) assisted me in walking as I was in pain.

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Just as I was hopping to the car, a girl approached us with fury, and before I could say Jack Robinson, she landed a dirty slap on my face and was shouting and accusing the guy of disrespecting and cheating on her.

Later, it was dawned on me that the girl was actually the main link to the couples — the bride was her best friend. She had invited her boyfriend (the guy that assisted me in hopping after the sprain), and her boyfriend had invited his friend, and the friend of her boyfriend had invited Jadesola, and Jadesola had invited me to show that she had a pretty party rocker as friend.

I stood there still dazed. What hurt the most was my friend couldn’t defend me. The guy apologised to me and calmed his girl. He explained to her and she apologised, blaming it on the stress of the day and the olofofo who came to give her a misconstrued information.

We settled and hugged each other. You guys won’t believe what happened next! Jade told me she would be leaving with the guys and that I should be able to get a cab or something; why was I surprised? She was still as unreliable as ever. I gave her a very stern look to show my displeasure as they drove away.

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I called Imran and he offered to come get me. As soon as I saw his car drive into the driveway of The Place, where I was waiting, I burst into tears; he calmed me but I couldn’t stop. How can one man be this sweet? I have never been happier to see him.

He suggested I rested in one of the luxurious hotels around and ordered for chicken soup and Chivita red grape — my favourite — and put me to sleep before he left for his house. The next morning, he was around immediately after morning prayers, and we had gisted till checkout and decided to go see a movie.

We stopped by a dress store to get a new dress, and he insisted I shouldn’t wear a makeover, as he loves to see my naturally beautiful face. Hearing those words from him made me blush and feel shy. My weekend was just very eventful, for in the end my knight was around to protect me, as he always does.

Kunle is calling me on skype; I need to go now!



Your Favorite Wedding Guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa  (IG: @maryam_giwa).

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  1. Awwwwwwwww! Our Imran.such a sweet guy. You guys should just marry abeg.we want a sweet happy ending. But mama you don see something ooooo. Slap? I can’t take that one!

  2. This Imran is just so sweet. Abeg u guys should just marry o. I go come wedding even though I don’t know u personally 😁

  3. Aawwn, imran is really a swt guy. U too stop doing strong head. If u had gv imran a positive answer, u wldnt AF go nd chop slap. 😘

    1. I knw i need an imran,I mean it’s hard to find a guy like that. Maryam does Imran really exist? You know what? I dnt even want to know

  4. Imran Imran Imran, it obvious the guy has a ring somewhere in his pocket. He his just waiting for the right moment.

  5. Interesting!..I just stumbled on this _nd I’ve read all of the episodes!!!…..let’s see where ds leads, ds one buroda kunle is calling …..we are also waiting patiently!

  6. Maryam sorry for the slap, but please no dey avoid the three worda and when it eventually comes out don’t hesitate to say yes cos me wan attend wedding.

  7. Jadesola need some whip on her ass, sowie for the slap dearie. Imran!!!!!!!! I hope you remain laidiz 4eva 😉😉😉

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