My Owanbe Diary: Episode 23

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning at my family house; my siblings and cousins were around, and we were all having a great time together. We were all dancing to music, until Abdullah, my younger brother, brought the spotlight on Hajarat, my younger sister.

Abdullah had noticed that Hajarat has been spending long hours on phone with a guy ever since she came back home for holiday. He (Abdullah) said the guy calling her on the phone is just a Yoruba demon trying to deceive her. We all argued that he was just being a jealous brother who couldn’t accept that his little sister is all grown up.

Hajarat is 20 and I think the time is right for her to be on the lookout for her future partner. I don’t think she is too young for that; what do you guys think?

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Back to My Owanbe Diary. I have been having very dull moments these days, and my mood has been swinging. Perhaps that was as a result of the conflict in my head about Kunle and Imran. I can’t stand men winking at me anymore – I can scream.

At the last wedding I attended with Kike, a guy was trying to be nice to me, but I gave him unnecessary attitude. And I didn’t even feel sorry about it. In fact, I did not wait for the after party.

I am very confused. Imran has declared his intention to marry me and to relocate to the United Kingdom. Kunle has also expressed his undying love for me and asked me to give him some time to balance himself before he decides if we should start our relationship.

Now you might be wondering what the hell is my problem; the truth is, I feel I love Kunle more than I love Imran. I am in a state of dilemma. All ye ladies with more than 1 boyfriend, I hail o!

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Your Favorite Wedding Guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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  1. I’m sure you’re praying about this…don’t stop praying sis
    Also, listen to your inner self, it wouldn’t hurt for you to know their medical history and alls too
    About your sis, she’s not too young o jare your brother should ‘stop jealous’

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