My Owanbe Diary: Episode 21

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As requested by Kunle, we met last weekend at the wedding of one of his colleagues. The Kunle I met at the wedding was totally different from the charming and confident man I used to know. He was so timid that I hardly heard most of what he was saying.

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He could barely look into my eyes and was acting like a kid caught stealing a meat in the pot. After the wedding program, he suggested we go and watch a movie together. I agreed but still, at the cinema, he was quiet, not saying much.

The silence continued until halfway through the movie and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I took the bold step and asked him to speak his mind. He avoided the question, saying we will talk about it later. And because I didn’t want to appear as a nag, I let it be.

The movie ended and he proposed we do dinner at Ocean Basket before we go home. Surprisingly, we had barely started eating when he said he has something to say.

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“Maryam, since I met you, my life has changed – I am now happier than ever. I know I don’t show it but you are an integral part of my life. I have learned from you, that when someone is in love no adjective can qualify the depth of the feeling. I love you, Maryam. You remain my only weakness,” he said.

I was dumbfounded and couldn’t find the words to reply him. I love Kunle but the question that kept popping up in my head was: “Why now?”

Our ride home was another spell of total silence – we barely managed to say goodbye at my gate. I rushed into my apartment, hurriedly took my bath, and dashed into my bed, hoping to quickly fall asleep and wake up to the realization that what Kunle had said was in my dream.

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The moment I had with Imran at the airport kept replaying in my head, clashing with that of Kunle at Ocean Basket. In my confused state, a WhatsApp notification came up, and I wanted to ignore it. I later felt that the notification might be the distraction I needed to clear my head at that moment, so I decided to open it.

The message was from Imran, and it read: “Babe, tell me how your day went because mine was crazy.” That was it, I just went to sleep!

Your Favorite wedding guest,
Giwa Maryam Opeyemi.

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  1. There is a season 2 right? This can’t be the end of it….. what will imrsn say wen ne comes back…. Ah nawa o!!! This suspense sha

  2. Ahn I can’t wait for 22 so this is what I’ve been missing since, Buh to me I don’t really trust guys who are too good like Imran, their anger level could be dangerous. Kudos sis.

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