My Owanbe Diary: Episode 18

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It was the longest night in my life, last Friday night the 7th of July. I will never forget everything that happened. It all started on Wednesday when my laptop crashed two days before the deadline for a proposal I was working on. I spent the whole of Thursday, running from places to places, in order to revive the laptop or even retrieve my files.

The thought of having to start the proposal from the scratch kept breaking my heart, but after several trials to fix the laptop and there was no result, I accepted my fate.

On a normal day, I always submit my files long before my deadlines, but because of this crash, I found myself struggling to keep to the deadline for the proposal, which was due by midnight of that Friday. That Friday morning, I headed to Oniru to use Seun’s laptop so that I could meet the deadline.

I gave the proposal my 100% attention and didn’t raise my head away from the computer until I ensured it was done and I emailed it to my client. I felt very fulfilled, considering all the odds that were against me.

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By the time I was done, Seun was ready to hit the club – you can’t take away Friday night outing from him. I called a cab to come take me home, without knowing it was already late in the night. I didn’t check the time and I didn’t pay attention to the fact that the road that leads from Island towards CMD was unusually very free.

On getting to the gate entrance to my street, it has been locked and the guards weren’t there. I tried calling my friend but then I realized my phone was dead. I have really been engrossed with the proposal and had not charged it throughout the day.

Since I know that Lagos is always awake on Friday nights, I told the cab man to drive me down to Ikeja City Mall so that I could hang around till daybreak. As soon as I stepped into the mall, I realized it wasn’t the best place to hang around till daybreak.

Every lady I saw there was either hanging out with a man (friend, boyfriend, husband or sugar daddy) or looking to hanging out with a man for a paid one-night stand. A glance at The Place, opposite the mall, reminded me I was hungry, so I settled to go have a decent meal in a more convenient environment. I discussed my situation with one of the staff and she said I could stay in their outlet till they close at 3 A.M.

I found a place to charge my phone so I could call for help, and it wasn’t long that I noticed a man winking at me from a corner. I was disgusted to the extent that I started calling everyone on my contacts list, and at the end, Kunle was the one that picked up.

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He asked me to get a cab to his place so that I could rest there till morning; in the middle of our conversation, one potbellied Alhaji approached and asked to join me on my table. I was angry and had grabbed the Coke bottle in my front to hit his head, but then I realized the bottle was plastic – he won’t feel it on his fat head.

I called the Uber driver allotted to me, but he broke my heart when he said he was on his way home already and didn’t realize he was still online. I almost cried.

Perhaps he felt how tensed I sounded over the phone – he changed his mind and agree to come pick me. It was at that point I know Olowogbogboro had interceded for me. The driver kept missing every turning, and we ended up driving all around the mainland.

It was 4 A.M already and I was frustrated and decided he drive me to my house, hoping that the security guards would have awoken.

We got to the gate, it was still locked and the guards were not there. I couldn’t hide the disappointment on my face, but luckily, the Uber driver felt my pains and offered that I sleep in his car till the gate would be opened. He also didn’t collect money from me.

The sound of the Adhan, from a nearby mosque, woke me up at 5:20 A.M. My phone had received lots of missed calls and text messages from Kunle; he was worried about me. The last time we spoke was when I told him I was in a cab to his place.

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I called him and he was venting his anger about how he had waited and looked out for me, worried. He went on and on, and I kept apologizing until he said, “I love you and I would literally go mad if anything happens to you”. I went mute, not having a reply to that statement.

He has never told me before then that he ever loved me.

I slept all through Saturday as I couldn’t attend the wedding I had anymore. It was such a long Friday night. On Sunday, I went out with Dare, and he was such an interesting guy. We have been talking and seeing ever since he slid into my DM the night he dropped Habeeb and me at Eko Hotel. I think he might ask me out soon.

The height of my week was on Wednesday when Imran called me that he was back in the country. He said he wanted to surprise me. I was overjoyed and didn’t realize when I dressed up to go see my Main.

Don’t bother asking me what he got for me because I won’t be telling you.


Your Favorite Wedding Guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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