My Owanbe Diary: Episode 17

My Owanbe Diary

My Owanbe Diary

How can I express how much I have missed you guys! My vacation was very relaxing; I had so much fun. The beauty of it all is that I was away from the regular dramas, but there were still some small interesting dramas.

Imran has been away for a very long time, but trust my bobo, it still feels as if he is everywhere I go – just like MTN. Kunle, too, has been amazing; he made sure I had a blast on my last birthday, which was on the 17th of June. He gave me a nice treat at Ocean Basket (the place he left me that day); we also had a wonderful time at Rhapsody, or should I say I enjoyed the drinks as I didn’t really stand up for a dance.

And yes, I got a very beautiful gift, which I won’t disclose, from him.

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Imran also sent a surprise gift and I won’t disclose that either. I wish I could go on and on telling you all that happened during my vacation, but I will be stopping here. I want to give you guys a gist about something crazy that happened to me 24th of July (two Saturdays ago). I will never forget the day.

I attended an event in Ikeja and met an old friend. The party was very interesting and we caught up on lost times. We ate to our fill and the host made sure everything was on point.  But there was this guy who kept winking at me from a corner; the guy had brown teeth and this wasn’t fascinating.

As I stepped out of the venue, I saw the guy approaching me. I started looking for where to run to in order to avoid him, and fortunately, I saw my friend Habeeb in a car. Even though he wasn’t the one driving, I stopped the car, jumped in immediately, and told the driver to just drive.

From the side mirror, I caught a look on the guy’s face. I couldn’t imagine him catching up with me and trying to strike a conversation.  To be honest, I find winks a very annoying gesture.

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Habeeb was curious about what happened and why I acted that way, so I narrated what happened to him and his friend driving the car. They teased and laughed at me all through the journey, telling me the guy might really love me and that he could be my God-sent. Habeeb’s friend was exciting and was so PENG, and during the conversation, we followed each other on Instagram

Habeeb told me he would be exhibiting at an event on the Island, so I planned to attend since I wouldn’t be doing anything at home on the day of his exhibition. That would also give me the opportunity to spend more time with him.

Everything happened very fast, and the expression on my face when we got to Eko hotel, where we must alight and get another cab, said it all: I didn’t want to the journey to end. We (Habeeb and I) walked down the road to get a cab, and I bought roasted groundnut tied in a transparent nylon along the way.

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I was carrying a small clutch and the groundnut couldn’t fit into it. I asked Habeeb to help keep the groundnut with him but he refused, and I felt embarrassed walking past my prospective suitors, holding a groundnut in a heavy rain while they drove past.

I accused him of intentionally ruining my paroles, that I would have gotten a free ride if he wasn’t with me. He smiled and his reply was, “I am a real Nigga. Can’t you see my friend was into you?” I just blushed.

As I got home and settled into my bed for the night, a notification came in from Instagram. Guess who is in my DM?


Your Favourite wedding guest,

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