My Owanbe Diary: Episode 13

My Owanbe Diary

My Owanbe Diary

Last weekend was a food-filled day. My secondary-school classmates and I gathered together for a food treat at Onyinye Nwosu’s house. Onyinye @ellesu is a food vlogger that loves cooking and sharing beautiful pictures and videos of foods on social media and WhatsApp.

She had been living in the UK for some time now and had promised to host us, whenever she is in Nigeria; so last Saturday was the hosting.

If you have been following the previous episodes of My Owanbe Diary, you would have got some clues on who Onyinye is. She was the lady that travelled down to Nigeria, to meet up with Temidara’s wedding. On the day she hosted us, Imran drove me to her place, and we (my classmate and I) all gathered at her house to have a taste of her good food.

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I know some people are waiting to attach a face to the name Imran so I made sure he drove off even before @harllymart, who had come to pick me from the gate could see his face. As soon as we entered the sitting room, you guys need to see the disappointment on Medina’s and some other people’s faces, when Halima announced who dropped me off and how, sadly, she didn’t get a glimpse of what he looked like.

I noticed some things at the party — Lekan was slow and Sabo was quiet.  I was wondering why these two were behaving in an unusual manner, until I learnt they were just recovering from the hangover from Mudiagha’s birthday.

Ugonna is such a woman wrapper, he came late but was lucky enough to get chicken on his food. Just then, two of Onyinye’s childhood friends came in, and to be honest, they looked amazing. Ugonna was so engrossed, looking at the girls to the extent that he didn’t even know when I stole his chicken.

I love been around with the guys as they make it easy being yourself. We have all seen one another in worst times, the time when surviving (and not slaying) was the order of the day. I left the place early, because Kunle had said we should hang out.

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I got to our meeting point before him and was waiting over a glass of smoothie, when one handsome, bearded guy approached my table.

He said teslim (an Islamic way of greeting) to me, and complimented my dressing. He asked if he could sit at my table, and since I was bored, I obliged. He was funny and sweet and I love every bit of the conversation we had together. He was quick to say he liked me and would love us to spend the rest of our life together.

We exchanged contacts and social media handles. We had a lot of gist and later discovered that we have mutual friends. Kunle approached the table and said Hi to me and asked us to leave. I was shocked, since we were supposed to hang out together and he only just arrived.

Unknown to me, Kunle has been around for a while and was just watching as the guy and I were getting along. Just as soon as he felt he has seen enough, he whisked me away from that place to another location, somewhere in Lekki phase 1.

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He talked about my conversation with the guy, in the car, saying the guy might be a serial killer or a kidnapper. He even said the guy looked like someone with two wives already and that he resembles a vampire. I was just laughing, knowing nothing I could say would convince Kunle that the guy was just trying to meet a girl.

As soon as we got to the spot, we agreed to forget about my new friend and went ahead with our 2-man squad hangout. It was getting late so we had to leave and he offered to drop me at home.

I think Kunle is really becoming a perfect gentleman.

Just as we pulled over in front of my gate and we were about to have the final chit chat before the goodnights, my phone rang and it was my new friend calling. The look on Kunle’s face said it all . . . Do not pick the damn call. I respected him and we said our good night.


Your Favourite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa

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  1. Hmm… I’ll just buzz u privately for more gist. Don’t think I can wait till next Friday. 😊
    Good job.. It’s my 1st read on this blog and I find it quite Interesting. Thumbs up.

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