My Owanbe Diary: Episode 11

My Owanbe Diary

Owanbe diary

The Owanbe party I attended on 22nd of April was about my baby girl Ayinke’s family getting introduced to the family of her booboo bear Yinka. Ayinke and Yinka have been together for a very long time, and Yinka was Ayinke’s first and only belly butterfly.

I left my place of work very late the day before so I could join the rest of the girls at the hotel where we were to lodge. I had met up with girls but wasn’t so much in the conversations and fun moments, because Imran was on phone with me for almost 4 hours.

I remembered both of us discussing Xmen Apocalypse and Deadpool as we were both watching Mnet movies, trust me that experience was the cutest ever. I didn’t feel alone as it was almost like Imran was sitting right next to me.

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Let me take a moment to appreciate everyone who reached out to me to concerning my assumed confusion with respect to Kunle and Imran. The sad truth is I am not confused, because neither of them is yet to express any romantic feeling or attachment to me. Hence, I am just a platonic and really close friend to the both of them.

Kunle and I had cancelled our appointments last Sunday, so we rescheduled to next Saturday evening. My intention was to hook up with him after Ayinke’s introduction so we could catch up with everything we have missed out on about each other. I was really waiting to hear how he used to say, “Opeyemi, sho wa okay?” in his cranky voice.

Ayinke was such a drama queen, the fabric of her dress was so beautiful and of a good quality. This was not surprising, as she got the qualify fabric from @mojialaso and entrusted the styling to @haleemah_shuaib, who turned the fabric to a beautifully designed dress. She looked very beautiful in the dress, the red pearls on the aso-oke well put together by @knottyknitters and matches her very classy and exquisite clutch bag and shoes, which she got from @gazellepieces.

Her introduction programme was full of fun, and watching her dance with so much energy made my heart melt — my baby is already somebody wife *teardrops*. I was on my 3rd cup of mocktail when I checked the time and realized I was running late for my appointment with Kunle, so I knew I had to hurry.

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I rounded off and bid everyone farewell, as I was waiting for my Uber ride. About 5 minutes later, my ride arrived and I hopped in. In less than 30 minutes, we arrived at Ikeja City Mall.

I rushed up the stairs to Ocean Basket, where we Kunle and I had agreed to meet, and glanced through the glass barricade but didn’t see him. I went back and forth and was getting confused before I decided to put a call through to my guy.

He told to me he was inside the place, and after a few minutes of arguments he decided he would come and get me outside Silverbird Cinemas. In less than 30 seconds, he was right in front of me and we both went into Ocean Basket.

We were approaching a table where two girls were already seated and I told him to let us sit somewhere else in case the girls were expecting other people. He laughed and calmly told me they are with us and it was dawned on me that I didn’t see him earlier because I had assumed he will be sitting alone.

He introduced the ladies to me, one of them as Olateju and the other as Enitan, her friend. He then said Teju was his big baby, one of the beautiful gifts that comes with signing up on the Gram. I smiled and greeted them and they responded well.

Kunle was teasing as usual; and we were just settling to gist when Teju announced she had to leave as she was meeting up with a friend somewhere in GRA. To my surprise, Kunle stood up and told me he was going to drop the girls off and I was like, “what about me?” he replied saying, “you will be fine.”

Those words cut into my skin, I was pained. Can you imagine the guy I rushed down to come see ditching me barely 20 minutes after. I was boiling inside but managed to keep my smile permanently on my face.

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We stepped down the stairs together, and I watched them get into the car and zoom off while I crossed to the other side to catch a bus going to Ikeja under bridge. I don’t think I will forgive him for this.

Just as I dropped from the bike I boarded home from the bus stop. My phone rang and it was Kunle calling; I ignored the call and went into the house. I was in the bathroom when I heard my phone beep, and on checking my phone, after stepping out of the bathroom, it was a message from Kunle.

Guess what was in the message. “BAE, Are you home? Just checking to see if you are ok.” I hissed out loud and turned off my phone. RADARADA.

My break is over guys, failure to drop my pen leads to a frustrated boss which i really don’t need right now.


Your favorite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa (@maryam_giwa).

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  1. Whenever you drop a new episode I find myself reading all the episode over and over again. You are getting me addicted to owanbe diary @maryam_giwa can’t wait for you to release the ebook. Keep the ball rolling dear the sky is your starting point

  2. I think Kunle just did payback time as u left him hanging the previous week. Kunle is just trying to have fun, Imran is just been careful to make sure Maryam is the right 1…

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