My Owanbe Diary: Episode 1

My Owanbe Diary

Owanbe diaryI woke up on the 11th of February excited not because it is another owanbe Saturday but because Temiloluwa is getting married. Temiloluwa is my childhood friend; we met in nursery one and it was mostly just the two of us throughout primary school.

After primary school we went ahead to different secondary schools. It was very heartbreaking but we moved on. When I joined Facebook in 2007, she was one of the first set of persons I searched for, and through chatting on the social network and other chat platforms we started talking and hanging out again.

I have listened to Temiloluwa talk about her ideal prince charming and dream wedding. Her fantasies were luxurious. She wanted a handsome rich man from one of the luxurious corners in Ikoyi or Victoria Island. It will be a plus if he was an American breed and would take her out of the country.

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Unfortunately, overtime i have listened to her cry about the men in her life, who find pleasure in not treating her right and always cheating on her till they have to go their separate ways. Finally, my friend found true love and I was really anticipating meeting the mystery man that my friend has kept secret from everyone, including me.

Although, her traditional wedding was strictly family and despite getting an invite, my boss just burst my bubble that Thursday with an impromptu meeting.

I couldn’t meet up with the church service also due to the late arrival of my make-up artist and I couldn’t afford not to be on fleek for this wedding. Just when i got to the reception venue,  Temiloluwa called and said “Babe, where are you?” I told her my location and she gave me directions to her changing room.

On getting to the changing room, the glow on my friend was evident. She was very happy and her smile was brighter than I have ever seen it. We got talking and I asked “Tee babes, of all the people in the world, you are the last person I would imagine having a private party. What happened to your dreams of inviting the whole of Lagos?”

She laughed it off saying “my dear, when you meet the right man eh you no go know when dreams start to change o”. She went on and on about how her husband picked her up after a terrible experience, put her back together and molded her into a superwoman. In her words “May (that’s what Temiloluwa calls me), I got myself a good gardener, see how much he pruned and nurtured me till I started blooming”. I looked at my friend with pride and didn’t notice when tears dropped from my eyes.

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We were lost in the moments of happiness when the event planner interrupted us and informed us it was time for the couple to make their entrance into the reception.

Temiloluwa’s wedding was lit, there were not so many people in attendance, just close relatives and friends but the turn up was on point. The food was delicious and palatable. The DJ and band got us all on our feet and kept us rocking for most part of the wedding, but the height of the event for me was during the groom’s speech, when the groom described how much he loved Temi from their first encounter and how patience got him his Queen.

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He went on and on about not quitting because he knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to let go till she gave in. I was happy for my friend and it was obvious that she and her man will live happily ever after. The turn up was fun all through but I was very disappointed in that cute bobo that sat beside me, made the party more fun for me, but left without asking for my number or any contact detail, I mean not even email address.

I have to drop my pen here, I need to go check for new aso ebi styles on instagram and please don’t ask me when I am getting married.


Your favorite wedding  guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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  1. I Love it!!! Good work. Your part is almost as if you were talking about me…. and the part you had fun with a guy @ the party without him asking for your contact 😄😄😄😄😄 like seriously??? I experience it too but you know what everything happens for a reason. Pls check for two, I’ll be needing some styles too😉

  2. I love you writing style. It took me into the story. Congratulations to Temi.

    I also want a very big wedding like TBS, Landmark ish but you never call what God has in plan for me.

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