My Owanbe Dairy: Episode 22

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It was her day, Ajoke’s wedding day, but I was the happy one. It was on the 12th of August, the day an interesting chapter in the inspiring love story of Ajoke, my friend, was written.

Ajoke isn’t a royal born but we (her friends) call her Ajoke Ade Omo Oba, because she always considered herself royalty. Ajoke is a nice, humble, and generous person, who is always willing to share even the little she has as long as it would put a smile on your face.

She is very easy to love and to be loved, and this is why she was mostly always in a relationship. But, like every young lady, she had her fair share of break ups. During her final-year days in the university, she met this guy whom, at that time, I called her Mr. Perfect.

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The two of them seemed so much in love that Ajoke told me she had prayed about the relationship and that by July 2017, she would be getting married.

Everything seemed fine, she pushed her man to be better, stood by him during his trying moments and watched him evolved to a fine young man. But then, the shit happened – the guy had a university crush but claimed she was just his best friend.

My friend was never comfortable seeing her man being a best friend to the lady, who was single and whom his man had once asked out but she rejected his proposal. At that time, Ajoke made it clear to her man and the girl that she never supported their kind of friendship – ere kini aja nba ekun se (what kind of friendship exists between a dog and a lion).

Around November last year, my friend called me and was in tears – Uncle She-Is-Just-My-Best-Friend had broken up with her to be with Aunty Brezzfren. She was totally heartbroken, and it seemed the pieces of her heart would never come together again.

Now you may be wondering how is it that she is married in just 10 months. There was this Uncle D, who has been hanging around my friend for a while. He loved my friend, but because she carried her boyfriend on her head like Ehiz’s Dada, Uncle D stayed as a friend, accepting his fate.

When my friend suffered the heartbreak, Uncle D was her comforter. He would comfort her every night, listening to her cry and whine over her darling ex and his witch bestie. As time went on, he was able to put together the broken pieces of my friend’s heart, and on the new year’s eve (2017’s new year’s eve), he told her he had always loved her and would love to marry her.

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My friend started thinking about how he stood by her and how he has shown her that he was loving, caring and a keeper. And that was where the romance began.

Ajoke and Uncle D met, through a mutual friend, at her birthday party organized by Uncle She-Is-Just-My-Best-Friend, when they were still together. They (Ajoke and Uncle D) maintained a casual relationship until the moment they sparked up their romance. Uncle D waited patiently for the right time and now they are married.

Uncle She-Is-Just-My-Best-Friend also got married to Aunty Brezzfren. Theirs was in February, just 5 months after breaking up with my friend. I want to believe the cookie and the chin-chin have been in the same oil all the while; my friend was just being used as the frying pan, and when they were ready, they took themselves out of the pan.

All I have been trying to prove to us all is that a bad relationship should not rob us of our happiness. Who says you need to stay lone for 2 years to get over someone who hurts your feelings. Always stay true and happy with yourself.

Someone who loves you wouldn’t just tell you but also show you. True love is patient and blinded to your flaws – all it sees is a lifetime with you.

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We all have an Uncle D, we just need to look deeper than the surface for the one who is ready to pick us up and nurture us.

Relationship goes beyond romance; it is built on how much value both parties add to each other and the need to be better together and survive every trying moment.

Ajoke and Uncle D are not perfect, but every day, they grow through their imperfections. They learn to accept and love each other, and in Ajoke’s words, “We are stuck together for 99 years and more, and even after death.”

Above all, never underestimate the powers of prayers. Ajoke prayed to God that she wanted to be married by July 2017 and it happened in August 2017 – which is not too long.

I hope we (including myself still struggling to choose between Kunle and Imran) learned one or two things from this story.

You needed to have seen me dance last Saturday and see how happy I really was. I can’t wait to see the good fruits Ajoke and Uncle D will bring to the world.


Your favourite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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