My Owanbe Dairy: Episode 20

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As if the fact that Ibrahim turned out to be Kunle wasn’t awkward enough, you guys wouldn’t believe that he still entered the car and followed Dare and me to our date. I waited patiently for the moment he would announce that we were acquaintances, but he kept mum, not saying a word.

At regular intervals, he would look at me and stare deeply into my eyes. This made me so uncomfortable that I thought in my mind that I wasn’t going to let him harass me all through our stay.

I waited for the right moment to rebuke him, and the moment came. The waiter dropped the bottled water I ordered in front of him, and out of the blue, I said, “Olakunle, please pass the water.”

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Dare looked on in a shock, surprised that I called Ibrahim by his second name. He asked me what I just called his cousin, and I said, “I called him Kunle.” Dare was curious and further asked if I had known him before he introduced us to each other; I said YES.

He asked Kunle what was going on, and his answer was, “That is Maryam, my Maryam.” Dare was totally confused, but he handled the situation very well.

I kept convincing my inner self that I wasn’t a bad person, that I wasn’t cheating on either of them and eventually, I maintained my calmness. The outing was cut short, and the journey back home was in total silence, only interrupted at intervals by the loud sighs from Dare.

That night, none of them called me or replied the thank-you text I sent to both of them.

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The week passed, I didn’t hear from them, and I concluded that blood is thicker than water – brothers have chosen to move on, without me. To be sincere, I missed them during this period, but I wasn’t going to act like I was guilty of anything and reach out to them.

And so came the 23rd of July, the day my friend Adebimple had her family introduced to that of her soon-to-be husband, as part of the preparation for her wedding. I travelled down to Oyo, with her, to attend the function, and I must tell you that I was impressed by the level of development in the ancient city.

I had only passed through the city some times in the past and wasn’t expecting such level of development, civilization, and exposure. Now the city is neat, has good drainage systems, no mosquitoes but, sadly, power supply was poor during the time I spent there for the function.

To all my friends and readers that grew up in Oyo town, I apologize for my misjudgment of the town. I will be back for a major turn up soon.

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On the night of my friend’s introduction, Dare called – we spoke for over an hour; he claimed that he took the time off to think deeply about the situation. He then said though Kunle hasn’t expressed himself, he really loves me and can’t stop thinking and talking about me.

Dare went on with the call and said I was a good person and deserved the best. He concluded that we should remain good friends and that he believed Kunle loved and deserved me more than him.

The following day, Kunle called and said he was sorry for everything, and that he didn’t know how to handle the situation. He said we needed to see and talk. I agreed to meet him on Thursday evening, but one thing kept ringing in my head: “ISSA TRAP.”


Your Favorite wedding guest,
Maryam Yemi Giwa

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