My Owanbe Diary: Episode 19

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Who else has been having crazy days of late? I have been having a lot of awkward moments in the past weeks. Remember I mentioned last week that Dare and I have been having lots of getting-to-know-each-other moments. We have been hanging out, catching up, and doing fun stuff together (just shut off your perverted mind).

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Last Saturday (15th of July), we had planned to spend the evening together at a restaurant in Lekki. Dare had said he recently discovered the cool restaurant and that I would like it. But as I was about to leave my house in the evening, I got a call a friend of mine who had broken his arm and had been admitted in LASUTH.

I rushed down to the hospital to meet him and cancelled my date with Dare. The doctor said my friend would be undergoing a surgery on Monday and that it would be good if I am around on the day. I rescheduled my date with Dare to Sunday evening, as I had to see Imran on Sunday morning before he travelled.

I never knew Imran’s job was so much of travelling and busy schedules; we met when he was on leave, and then he was always around. Now that he is back to work, he doesn’t have much time to be around again. On Sunday morning, I rushed early to his house so that I can spend some time with him before he left for the airport. We had gist, he teased me, and we didn’t even realize he was running late for his flight.

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We quickly packed his luggage and he was ready to leave, and when we got the door, he said to me: “I have plans for you May. I just hope my timing will be right.” I tried making him say more, but he didn’t. The drive to the airport was quiet and somehow awkward, and when we arrived at the airport, he pulled my cheeks and I watched him check in his luggage as I bid him farewell.

In the evening, I met with Dare, and on our way to the restaurant, he begged me to allow him to pick up his cousin, Ibrahim, somewhere around. He said he had spoken about me to Ibrahim and that he is eager to see me and that I would like him. I was anxious, but after a lot of pleading, I agreed.

Dare had spoken to me about Ibrahim, too. He had said Ibrahim was a ladies man, but, funny enough, he was shy to say his feelings to the lady he loved, and that the lady’s name was also Maryam. Dare had also told me how Ibrahim used to describe the beauty of the Maryam, but he was sure that I am more beautiful than his Maryam.

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We later parked somewhere around a filling station to wait for Ibrahim. Dare turned on the music while I got busy with my phone. After minutes of waiting, there came a knock on my glass, and on raising my head, away from my phone, to look at who was knocking, I couldn’t believe my eye. Kunle turned out to be Ibrahim.


Your Favorite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa

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