My Owanbe Dairy: Episode 14

My Owanbe Diary

My Owanbe Diary

As I was sleeping on Friday night my phone rang, an unsaved number was calling, but I picked up anyway. The person greet me with “Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Ukhti” (Islamic greeting), and shockingly, instead of calling me my well-known name, the person called me Ayodele.

Hearing that name made me sit up upright as only one person in the whole world called me Ayodele, and the person is my uncle, Uncle Jay.

Uncle Jay is my coolest dude ever. He is so sweet and understanding, my endless gist partner. At this point, I thought we would be having a very long gist but surprisingly, he kept it very short.

He said he was in Lagos, for his friend’s wedding, and wanted us to go together the following day. I agreed to follow him as  I was down for any kind of turn up since I didn’t have any plans for the weekend.

The wedding was on Saturday the 13th of May. I got up quite earlier than usual because Uncle Jay doesn’t like to be delayed and you have to slay to hang out with him, or else he will keep throwing jabs at you throughout that day — trust me, he is not nice in that department.

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My darling make-up artist (Sekinat of @kinatbeauty_) did a good job, as usual. She came quite early and beat my face till it was flawlessly beautiful; and I was really impressed, looking at myself in the mirror.

I wore a nice nude-colour flowing gown, with a red shoe and clutch, and was ready as soon as the cab he sent to pick me arrived. As we drove to the venue, I started thinking about Uncle Jay.

We used to talk about everything and anything, but since his relocated to Abuja, last year, we have not seen each other. He always loved to show me off to his friends as his smart and intelligent niece, who is also very social.

In the first few months after his relocation, we kept in touch, but as time went by, he got busy, I got busy – and we had a communication gap, which I looked forward to breaking on that day.

I was lost in my thoughts until the driver announced that we had arrived the wedding venue. Uncle Jay came to pick me at the gate, into the hall, and he kept on repeating Ayodele and I would reply Bami Jay.

He commended my makeup and my dress, and that gave me more confidence. He mentioned having a surprise for me, and I made a joke out of it saying, he had better be the one getting married.

We sat at a table with his friends, and he introduced me to them all as his favourite niece that he can kill anyone that mess with. One of his friends joked about marrying me, but Uncle Jay just shut him down, saying he should carry his wondering eyes somewhere else.

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A lady attended to us really well and made sure we were well treated; and because I know most of Uncle Jay’s friends present at the wedding, including the groom, we all had lot of fun together and I made lot of money, dancing.

After the event, when almost all guests had left but Uncle Jay and his friends were still around, the lady that earlier attended to us came to sit with us and said to Uncle Jay, “Baby, I am tired.” I looked on in shock that Bami Jay now has a babe. She ruined his surprise by the way.

I was happy beyond words and hugged the lady really tight. Bami Jay is finally ready to settle down at the age of 39. The lady, Kifayah, I found out that was her name, is the cousin and the best friend to the bride. Uncle Jay had met her during the introduction of his friend to her frienster (Friend + Sister).

He mentioned how happy he was to meet her and to want to be with her. My new aunt is a total package. She is beautiful, with a perfect body, and judging by what Uncle Jay said about her and what I noticed, too, I believe she also has well manners.

She said Uncle Jay never stopped talking about me and that he had said I was her number one Iya Oko. We had lot of gist and I could tell she is very intelligent and well learned — my uncle struck a gold.

Uncle Jay is a keen reader of My Owanbe Dairy and my number one fan; out of the blue, he started talking about Imran, Kunle and Uthman, but I tried hard to shy away from the discussion.

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He sat me down and started talking about guys. Although we used to gist about the men in my life before now, our discussion on that day was different as he wasn’t taking on my side, and it sounded unusually awkward.

He advised me to be careful and prayerful, and that he can’t choose for me as only I know how exactly I feel and I should do what I feel is best for me. He added that I was no longer a little girl, and it was time for me to get serious; and that he knew previous relationships have broken me, overtime, but I need to believe that love heals all wounds.

Kifayah also took part in the discussion, after taking permission, but that makes the discussion more awkward. She narrated how much she had been hurt by men in the past, to the extent that she gave up on that aspect of life. But my uncle made her feel like her life was just beginning, and she never had to worry for a day. In her words, “It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.”

In her final words, she said, “Love is pure and genuine. Humans are just covetous.” I was grateful to them both as they said a lot of things that can’t even fit into this write-up. I am very proud of my Bami Jay!


Your Favourite wedding guest,

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