My Owanbe Dairy: Episode 10

My Owanbe Diary

Owanbe diary

What a time to be alive! I have good news for you all — Kunle is back, Yippeeee. I have really missed him. Since he left a lot has happened, and we really have a lot to talk about; so we agreed to hook up on last Saturday night.

16th of April was all about my darling namesake Maryam and her sweetheart Ridwanullah, did I tell you I work as an event planner? Oooops sorry! Not every time wedding guest.

Maryam had contacted me last December that she would love that I plan her wedding. Trust the hustler in me, I said “Yes, why not.” Four months down, the day was upon us and it was quite magical.

Ever attended an Ijebu or Ikorodu wedding before? If you had, you would be able to relate to what i am about to write. I know Ijebu people love to turn up, but never knew Ikorodu people were bigger ballers. Now imagine how fabulous a wedding in which one of the couple is from Ikorodu and the other from Ijebu would be.

My bride is a beautiful Ijebu lady who found love in the heart of a handsome man from Ikorodu. I always looking forward to after parties of wedding receptions, because it is always youthful and fun filled. And the after party experience with my couple (#MR2017) was awesome and totally different from the usual.

Let me start from the mini concert of the parents’ entrance; they didn’t want to go and sit down, and that was the moment I should have known that the wedding was going to be lit. Fast forward to the father-daughter dance; if you see the way people were spraying money and I was like “who sprays money during father-daughter dance,” and it wasn’t small money o.

Let’s move to the ballers’ corner — the groom’s friends were totally on point. They were quite very cooperative; and judging by the manner in which they were turning up and teasing me, one wouldn’t believe they were married. They made sure everything was on point, they were the life of the party and danced like tomorrow wasn’t happening.

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The bride’s friends, too, slayed elegantly, all looking beautiful in their magenta asoebi and gele. They were very coordinated and impressively cooperating. I loved every bit of their presence, as they made work easier and willing assisted despite the fact that I had it all under control.

The highlight of the evening was the groom surprise performance which he bullied me into adding into the programme without seeing a rehearsal but trust me he impressed us all. The bride was all blushing and overwhelmed, while the guests were moved to tears and I could notice the single ladies with the awwn… look on their face that one could tell they were already having fantasies of their own.

Ikorodu people, I hail thee! The after party for #MR2017 was youthful, with all the big mummies present still turning up — awon mama that are still young at heart. It was about 20 minutes past 7P.M. when I realised that people didn’t seem like they wanted to go home.

I am already looking forward to my next Ikorodu wedding; the wedding was super lit, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I remembered my appointment with Kunle, and decided to call it a day. I already missed his calls, so I called back and we agreed to just hook up somewhere in Ikeja, before proceeding to the Island. I told Kunle I was tired and probably should take a cab, but I didn’t have cash at hand. He said I had better board the BRT bus, as he won’t be paying for my cab.

I was in the blue BRT bus, when Imran called to ask how the event went since I declined his request to attend the event and assist me if the need arises. I told him I was in a BRT bus to Ketu, and he asked why I didn’t take a cab, considering that I have been working all day and must be tired.

I innocently told Imran I was cash strapped, and my ATM card was with one of my girls. He flared up, accusing me of not reaching out to him and stressing myself out. He went further to complain that I was just too proud and not opening up to him well enough.

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I felt really bad and special at the same time. About 10 minutes after he dropped the call, I got another call from a cab man claiming Imran had ordered a ride on my behalf, and he was waiting for me at the Sweet Sensation located at tipper Ketu bus stop. I said OK and tried calling Imran, who refused to pick my calls and resorted into sending me a text stating that I should just go home and rest.

I settled into the cab and told the cab man to drive straight home, since Imran could monitor the movements on the app on his phone. Kunle called again and started lamenting that I was keeping him waiting for too long and it was becoming exhausting so he might have to just leave and reschedule. I replied him saying, “I’m tired also and need to rest, and so rescheduling was more than OK by me.”

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As the cab drove into my driveway, I saw the familiar black Benz and realised Imran was waiting for our arrival. I walked up to him to say Hi, but before I could say a word, he started apologizing for being mad at me and said he was just worried and couldn’t imagine how much stress I was going through.

I told him I was OK and really appreciate all that he is to me. He pulled my ear and whispered, “olodo ni e,” and later assisted me in carrying  the pack of Chivita red grape and some other groceries he knew I loved and bought for me into the house.

He bid me good night, and I bid him farewell but I couldn’t stop staring at him, as he entered his car and drove off.  What did I do to deserve Imran in my life? I later settled in my bed to sleep, but guess who was in my dreams? KUNLEEEEEEE!


Your favorite wedding guest,

Maryam Yemi Giwa.

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  1. Why on earth would kunle be in your dream? He couldn’t even pay for a freaking cab🙄🙄🙄 You need to face reality 😩😩😩

  2. haba!!! how far with Kunle in ur dreams now
    ?when Imran is well and alive. Abeg go re- dream the dream if dere is anything like that and insert our eva loving lmran

  3. Whao, sooo happy for you. Everyone deserves to have someone that makes them happy, special and loved. Imran is yours. Please disregard any side distraction (Kunle)

  4. Ghen ghen, this guy (Imran ) is just 200% OK. Now dt Kunle is featuring in ur dreams ehn, kindly send Imran’s contact, I pity u ehn!

  5. Your mind is playing games with you with the thought of kunle ooo…just tell your mind you don’t like games and face reality….

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