8 Lovely Places to Propose to Your Girlfriend

propose to your girlfriend

Proposing to your girlfriend is a big deal you want to get right – you don’t want a NO from her; that can be devastating. But before you make a proposal, you need to make adequate arrangements that would ensure that the proposal is perfect. And one of these arrangements is the location or the place you plan to make the proposal.

In this post, we will be sharing with you the lovely places to propose to your girlfriend that would guarantee that she would say YES.

But first thing first, if you want her to say YES, you need to watch out for some pointers and know some things about your girl before proposing to her. Below are the pointers; after the pointers are the lovely places you can propose to her and get that positive answer you wanted.

Things to Know and Pointers To Watch Out for Before Proposing to Your Girlfriend

  • Know what she preferences. You would need to study her watching different kinds of proposals and gauge her reactions to them. This would help you know the kind of proposal to employ.
  • Talk to her best friends. Her best friends can always ask questions you cannot, and through them, you get to know if indeed she is ready and waiting for you to pop the question. Besides, her BFFs are always a good accomplice in planning a surprise proposal.
  • Do not propose after a fight. Some guys believe that it’s cool to break their girlfriend’s hearts and then spring a surprise proposal; this is wrong. Why would you want to propose to your girlfriend after a fight?
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At that moment, she is mad at you and going through all shades of ideas on whether you are the one or not. Proposing at that moment is tricky; even if she is willing to marry you, she would probably want to hit you over the head before saying YES. It is not a good idea to propose to your girlfriend after a fight or a tough argument.

  • Proposals are a big deal. A lot of guys who have been in a long-term relationship or already cohabitating with their girlfriend often feel there is no need for an elaborate or romantic proposal; this is not right. You need to put some extra care in proposing to your girl, especially if you have been together for so long. This would make her feel valued and special and not taken for granted.

Even if it’s a simple at-home proposal, make it worth it and make her feel loved again.

No matter how low-key your girlfriend wants things to always be, she definitely wants a memorable proposal, even if it is just between only the two of you.

Now let’s talk the lovely places to propose to your girlfriend and blow her mind.

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propose to your girlfriend

Lovely Places to Propose to Your Girlfriend

  1. Beachside: If the two of you love going to the beach, then the beach would make a perfect romantic spot for the proposal. With the waves lapping in the background and the sea breeze calming and relaxing for both of you, you just whip out a ring and pop the question. You could also plan with a bartender to bring drinks, and a photographer to take the pictures.
  2. Holiday Destination: Plan a holiday trip with her, and on a memorable spot at the holiday destination, propose to your girlfriend. She is very much likely to say YES, as such scene and environment are perfect for proposals.
  3. The Woods: If your girlfriend happens to be a nature lover, then walking with her in a wood and proposing to her there would be perfect. The beauty of nature coupled with the magical rustic settings of the woods would ultimately be the most memorable backdrop for your proposal.
  4. Her Favorite Restaurant: Another lovely place to propose to your girlfriends is her favourite restaurant or a more elegant one. After enjoying a lovely meal together, go on one knee and pop the question. You could also pop the question with a dessert.
  5. A New Apartment. If you are moving into a new home planned for you and your BAE, proposing to her in the walls of the apartment would be memorable. Just pop the question when the two of you go there together for the first time.
  6. On Her Bed. Some ladies are the stay-in-bed-and-cuddle kind of. If your girlfriend is one, you can order some food and arrange a personalized delivery for her. The food can be a heart-shaped pizza with the proposal inside the box (or a cake or an ice-cream with the proposal ring inside). You can also engrave your proposal on a special piece of home cutlery.
  7. Mountain Top. The top of the mountain is another lovely place to propose to your girlfriend. Take her up the peak and have an awesome vista as a backdrop as you offer the world to her. Remember to go with a bottle of champagne, picnic basket, and a photographer to capture the moment.
  8. Historical Monuments. Monuments are also awesome places to propose to your girlfriend. The two of you visit a monument center and in the middle of enjoying scenes at the moment, you just pop to question to her.
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Which other places do you know that is lovely to propose to one’s girlfriend? Share with us in the comment box.

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