7 Important Lessons You Can Learn From #BAAD2017


When we all discovered that the love between The Wedding Party co-stars Adesua Wellington and Banky W was beyond our television screens, Nigerians and social media went into a frenzy. It was the fairytale story everyone wasn’t expecting but wished for! Nigerians were so elated at these two popular but simple celebrities FINALLY making their love known and announcing their engagement.

It was interesting to note how people of different ages, status, and social strata reacted to the news. Even less-social media savvy people who normally would not dabble into trending personal issues of celebrities were not left out of the euphoria.

People did all sorts; from choosing the wedding hashtags to picking a “suitable” wedding venue in their humble opinion. Everyone wanted to be included in the celebration! They were short of just giving this couple a wedding date! Adesua’s acknowledgment of some Social Media follower’s felicitation by post-likes got some swooning.

Then we saw “famzing” of the highest order! Instantly, people starting tracing their genealogical roots to Banky W’s wife. People used everything and anything to lay claim to a relationship of some sort to Adesua! Those who were reminded of their bachelorhood were also not left out of this frenzy.

Interestingly, it was a breath of fresh air for all… something completely new and exciting to remove one’s mind from all of the political and economic brouhaha happening in the country.

However, here are 7 Important Lessons You Can Learn From #BAAD2017 by Owanbeparries.

1. Humility

There’s nothing as good as being humble! Banky W was famous way before Adesua came on the scene. Yet, he didn’t see himself as a bigger person or star. He was humble enough to “slide” into her DM! If he had said two years ago “I’m a bigger star and I shouldn’t be seen sending a DM to someone I’m obviously bigger than”, then he just may have missed a chance to be with the woman of his dreams and we would probably not be celebrating them today.

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Lesson:  if you are one of those “people” or “celebs” that feel too important to respond to a DM let alone send one, please learn humility from Banky W so you don’t miss out on possible opportunities. You may never get a second chance!

2. Dare to be different

For those who like being stereotypes, here’s a new lesson for you. The trend now is to record marriage proposals or post LIVE as it is happening. In fact, at a point, it became a trend to video and post marriage proposals before couples could be verified as “being in love.  And these proposals would always come in form of all manner of silly stunts.

There was one where the guy pretended to be dead and the guy’s friend called the lady, on getting to the scene he “resurrected” and proposed. Seriously???

Nigerians just took the proposal drama overboard yet none of them broke the Internet like the nice, sweet and quiet proposal from Banky W.

Lesson: Dare to be different! You don’t need all the drama to trend. You can still trend when you do things differently. What really counts are your antecedents not the theatrical antics of your engagement!

3. Priceless Friends

The real stars of #BAAD2017 are friends and families of Banky and Adesua. Heaven bless them, as they didn’t feel the need for relevance and importance to be the first to break the news. We know how we can like to be the first to post!

They kept it close to their chest not just since the engagement but from the time they started dating. These kind of friends are EVERYTHING! Not only did they respect their wish to keep the relationship out of public eyes but they also helped them grow in it. They didn’t find reasons to break them up. God Bless us with friends like these!

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Lesson: Choose your friends wisely! You don’t need to keep a hoard of friends. The fewer, the better.

4. Doing the right things will also get you admirers

Many believe that to be in the news, to get everyone’s attention, or to break the internet; you must be doing something out of the normal. But here are two very regular people; no scandals, no fighting, no shades, no subs, no indecent talk or dressing. Nothing out of the ordinary yet they won everybody’s heart.

So for all you youngsters who will record yourself naked or half naked “twerking”, some will record themselves weeping over people or issues that do not concern them just to get noticed. Others seek unnecessary attention by cyber-bullying others, posting pictures of you and bae in bed after a round of *ahem*, you don’t need negativity to trend.

Lesson: Just do the right thing and you could break the internet like Adesua and Banky.

5. Reconciliation

Now, who says weddings aren’t perfect for reconciliation? Popular Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham reconciled with Adesua during her engagement after disagreeing on national TV earlier this year. The duo traded words at the Nigerian Entertainment Conference event (NECLive) after Adesua claimed she was no member of any Nollywood Association. After what seemed like an eternal feud between both actresses, the pair reconciled after Toyin attended Adesua’s traditional wedding.

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Lesson: No matter what the problem is, it’s never too late to reconcile.

6. Thou shall trend, but not steal your friend’s thunder

It’s no doubt that we won’t forget Ebuka Uchendu’s attire to Banky W and Adesua’s wedding in a long time. However, while it’s good to trend on social media, it’s also not good to steal the spotlight from the celebrants of the day. We know he didn’t mean it but we just had to point it out.

Lesson: Give us something light if it’s not your day!

7. Beware of social media

We all know the power social media yields…it can make or break you! You can be loved or hated! You can be lonelySocial media is a two-sided coin. It’s no wonder a top Nollywood actress advised the couple to stay off social media after their wedding. However, it looked like the couple, especially Banky W isn’t about to heed to Omotola’s warning. About two weeks ago, social media was thrown into a frenzy when Banky W accidentally recorded his wife half-nude while videoing life on Snapchat.

Lesson: Not everything should be on social media. It is known as private life for a reason.

Did you enjoy this post? Or perhaps you’d like to share other wonderful lessons to be learned from #BAAD2017. Please leave your comments.

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