Ketogenic Diet & Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet

Diets are a never ending part of everyday life; we spend a lot of money on them, and for we that care about our fitness and well being, we spend extra on diet drugs and food supplements. However there is an appealing way to getting effective weight loss regime by only spending on meals.

If you are active on social media, you would have come across the best-favoured diet nowadays; it is called the Ketogenic Diet. With this diet you don’t have to worry on buying diet drugs and food supplement, as it helps in taking care of your fitness.

The Ketogenic diet is simply a NO-CARB, or LOW-CARB, LOW-PROTEIN diet. It works on the principle of human metabolism. The body makes use of carbohydrates, converted to energy, to fuel metabolism, and when the body has gotten its needed dose of energy, it simply stores the excess carbs and glucose as fat. When next the body needs energy, instead of going back to the stored energy, it requests for more carbohydrates and this process is repeated.

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In order to get the body to use the stored excess fat, a process of fat burning, called KETOSIS, has to be put in place. Burning of fat requires a certain type of environment, which is difficult to achieve while living off energy from carbs. This happens when the body has no more glucose to burn and its supply is not replenished; the body, then, has no choice but to feed on the stored fat, in form of KETONES, therefore effectively using up the fat

For this process to start, there has to be a higher intake of healthy fats and little or no carbs/sugars. Most times, the period between cutting off carbohydrates and getting your body to adapt to a KETOGENIC supply of energy might be tiring and the individual might feel a bit sick.

After the body has gotten over this initial transition period, the energy supply available to the body is quite much and lasts longer than when on carbs. The rate of weight loss is also quite accelerated when a ketogenic diet is strictly followed.

Ketogenic Diet Food List

For an individual to start a ketogenic diet, all carbohydrates are off the table; no rice, yam, beans, yam flour, corn flour, plantain, potatoes, or cereals. Certain vegetables are also entirely out of your diet for the duration of the diet. Root vegetables like carrots and onions are not Ketogenic compliant.

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Tomatoes and peppers, especially tomatoes, must be reduced to a bare minimum. Green leafy vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, eggplant and certain types of meat, fish, eggs and melon are allowed. Avocadoes, butter (the real butter as gotten from milk, and not margarine), mayonnaise, coconuts, lemon and almonds are some of the foods allowed. Sugary fruits are not allowed in this diet. Palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil and beef tallow are a few of the oils required, not all types of oil, or even seasoning can be used on a ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Diet

While there appears a dearth of foods allowed on a ketogenic diet, the positive aspect of it is that there is little or no need for portion control. An effectively followed ketogenic diet can fast result in a healthy lifestyle, and not just weight loss.

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Glowing skin, a younger looking face and skin free from the effects of fat and aging, as well as less body aches, and better chances of getting pregnant are some added benefits of this lifestyle.

Living a fit and healthy life is not just about the diet, but a healthy lifestyle, so make your choices wisely and stick with them.

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