7 Successful Tips For Keeping Your Man Happy Forever


There’s a lot of good and bad advice about keeping a man happy in a relationship. The main thing is to respect your man and treat him the way you would want him to treat you. Contrary to anything you may have heard, men need more than a healthy love life to keep them happy. So, if you are looking for a long-term bliss, then read these 7 successful tips for keeping your man happy at all times:

1. Thou shall not nag!

Our first tip on how to make your man happy is – do not nag him. Men let nagging go in one ear and out the other, but they do take notice of it. If you want to drive your man out of your life, then nagging is a guaranteed way to make him unhappy. If you want him to listen, explain your concerns logically and hopefully, he will happily try and comply.

2. Listen to him when he needs your help

Men don’t open up easily, so when he does let you know that he needs your advice or assistance, it must be important. Be there for him when he needs to talk about something. If it wouldn’t be important, he wouldn’t be asking for your advice.

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3. Fight fair

You know that you have secret weapons that you can use in a fight, but that doesn’t mean that you should. Be fair when you fight and don’t stoop to low insults. They will hurt a man more than you realize and it’s unfair because men aren’t very good at fighting in that way.

4. Take care of your appearance

It’s shallow, it shouldn’t matter and he should love your personality but the reality is that making an effort to look nice for him will keep him happy. You don’t have to look like a steaming temptress every day of the week, but letting things go completely will make him think that you no longer care.

5. Show your appreciation

Another tip on how to make your man happy is to show him that you appreciate the things he does. Don’t let him think that you take him for granted. Men thrive on pats on the back which means he will value your appreciation and thanks to anyone else.

  • When your man has said or done something that impresses you, tell him! Don’t just assume he knows.
  • Tell him he looks good in a suit, that the project he is working on impresses you or that he does an amazing work in the bedroom! A genuine compliment from you and he’ll be walking on cloud nine!
  • Bonus points if you compliment him in front of his friends or family — To boost a man’s ego, praise him in front of other people. They love it!
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6. Give him some space

Let him be a man, he needs it to be happy. He will want to go out with friends sometimes and do manly things. Give him the space to do so or he will feel trapped and unhappy. Men need to assert their masculinity sometimes, just as much as you need to do girly things.

7. Talk through any issues

Instead of bottling up any issues or problems you have with your relationship (and letting them all explode in a whirlwind of emotion later), sit your man down and have a calm, reasoned discussion with him.

  • He’ll appreciate this much more than a potential screaming match down the road. Also, he will be much more inclined to listen to you and take on board what you’re saying, rather than going on the defensive.
  • You should also give him the chance to voice any issues he may be having. Really, try to listen to what he has to say and don’t dismiss his concerns. Your man will be much happier in the relationship if he feels like you value his feelings and opinions.
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There you have it. Remember, nagging isn’t an option! Whenever he needs your help, you must listen. Always fight fair. Your appearance matters and as does showing appreciation. Every man needs space. Give him some and lastly talk through any issues rather than fighting or arguing will definitely go a long way.

No one said keeping your man happy is as easy as it sounds but with the above tips, prayer and faith, you should be fine. Do you have any successful tips? Kindly leave a comment below.

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