Igbo Traditional Wedding List: Everything You Need to Know

Igbo Traditional Wedding List

This post on Igbo Traditional Wedding List is a continuity of the post on Igbo Traditional Wedding Requirements.

There is an erroneous belief that the number of things listed on the Igbo traditional wedding list is too much and also costly. In the actual sense, the marriage rites in Igbo land are just a little bit more elaborate than the other Nigerian tribes.

Also, due to the fact that the Igbo marriage is considered a communal ritual, which involves more than the parents of the couple, there are a lot of expenses to be met. So if you are in for a marriage to an Igbo lady, we are here to provide you with the full Igbo traditional wedding list.

Before we give you the list, it is worth pointing out that the notion that the bride’s family sells their daughter to the groom’s family, due to the amount spent during the wedding, is quite wrong and disrespectful. This notion should be discouraged and refuted by all. Regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity, no human is ever for sale to anyone.

Igbo Traditional Wedding List

As earlier stated, a marriage in the traditional Igbo land is a matter of the community; hence the gifts to be presented are listed according to the specific persons or group of people to receive them.

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1. Gifts for the Umu-Ada: the daughters and wives of the bride-to-be’s extended family.

·         Wrappers (George or Abada such as Vlisco Hollandais, ABC, Nigerian Wax)

·         Igbo-style lace blouses

·         Igbo Ichafu scarfs (assorted styles and colours)

·         Shoes and bags (assorted designs and colours)

·         Jewelry (wrist watches, earrings, necklaces and rings in either gold, silver, gold plated/ GL)

·         Toiletries (bath soaps, body creams, washing detergents, perfumes and so on)

·         Beverages

·         Drinks (malt and soft drinks)

·         Lump sum cash gift

2: Gifts for the Umunna: the males/ heads of the extended family of the bride-to-be.

·         Kola nuts

·         Palm wine (in gallons/ jerry cans)

·         Bottles of hot drinks

·         Cartons of assorted drinks (malt, soft drinks and beer)

·         Tobacco snuff

·         Cigarettes (rolls)

·         Goat (1)

·         Lump sum cash gift

3: General gifts (Nmepe Uzo). In the English language, “nmepe uzo’ literally means ‘to open the door’.

·         Bride price – Negotiable

·         Cartons of star beer (2)

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·         Cartons of Guinness stout (2)

·         Cartons of malt (2)

·         Crates of soft drinks (6)

·         Bottles of hot drinks/ whisky (3)

·         Tubers of yam (30)

·         Bags of rice (2)

·         Bags of salt (2)

·         Onions (30)

·         Palm oil (one 10 or 25 litres gallon)

·         Groundnut oil (25 litres)

·         Kerosene (1 gallon)

·         Stock fish (1 basin)

·         Meat – goat leg (2)

·         Bread (25 loaves)

·         Tins of Tomatoes (1 carton)

·         Tins of Milk (1 carton)

·         Tablet soap (1 carton)

·         Talc powder – big size: Saturday-night powder or morning-rose powder (20)

·         Tobacco snuff (20 heads)

·         Cigarettes (10 packets)

·         Big basins (2)

·         5 sets of (George or Abada such as Vlisco Hollandais, ABC, Nigerian Wax)

·         Igbo style lace blouses (2)

·         Igbo Ichafu scarfs (2)

·         Wrist watches (2 or more)

·         Gold necklaces (2 or more)

·         Large suitcase (1)

·         Lamp / Lantern (1)

·         Umbrella (3)

4: Cash gifts during the Ime-Ego/Bride-price ceremony; the groom and his family are allowed to negotiate on each one based on their budget and financial capabilities. These include:

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·         Money to bring down the pot from the fire (in igbo: ego nfotu ite) – N1,000

·         Money to open the wine keg (ego ncha kishi udu or in some ibo dialects, ego nkwupu udu) – N1,000

·         Money for in-laws (ego ogo cherem) – N50,000 (Ogo cherem literally means ‘in-law, wait for me’, or ‘the money my in-laws presented to me’).

·         Money for maternity bill (ego maternity) – N1,000

·         Money for the village chief (ego onye eze) – N1,500

·         Lump sum cash (ogwe ego) – N5,000

Igbo Traditional Wedding List


The list of things above is what you will see in a general Igbo traditional wedding list; however, the list is subjected to some little changes depending on the village.

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