Why The Hype On Jollof Rice At Parties?

Jollof Rice

How I relish the taste of Jollof rice. Sometimes, I wonder if I would live without Jollof rice. Lol! That’s a funny thought though.

I remember an event I attended; there was no Jollof rice on the menu. I looked around and saw the sadness in people’s eyes. The only thing served there was small chops and drinks. A wedding for that matter! Some people left out of anger.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself these questions;

Who invented Jollof rice? What was put in the Jollof rice that makes it difficult for people to resist?

According to Wikipedia, Jollof rice originated from the western part of Africa. It is the #1 meal in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo, Cameroun, Mali, Senegal, Gambia and our very own Nigeria. Jollof rice can be prepared in different ways. Though it isn’t the topic for today. You can view how to prepare Jollof rice here. It is cholesterol-free.

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Jollof Rice

To answer the second question;

I don’t think any special thing was put in Jollof rice to make it irresistible. All I know is how you cook it will determine how tasty it would be.

 Why the hype?

Jollof rice prepared at parties is different compared to the one made at home.

Jollof rice prepared at home is really nice but regular; while the one prepared at parties is the bomb; smoky, giving it a mouth-watering taste.

What’s a party without Jollof rice?

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