How To End Dead-End Relationship

end dead-end relationship

How To End Dead-End Relationship –It’s no news that sometimes we get to a point in a relationship and we feel like we want to go out of it. This realization can be brought on by a series of behavioural or emotional changes you seem to have towards your partner, regardless of their sincerity or commitment.

Let’s face it, people change. Sometimes, it could be a mind boggling and life altering situation that brings about the change. But other times, it’s simply growth and natural evolution of the human mind and persona. Certain psychological studies have conclusively determined that it is possible for us to be two entirely different personalities from one time to another.

It is therefore not always a bad thing when you seem unhappy or restless in a particular relationship. People often evolve and change priorities the older they get, and if your partner finds it hard or doesn’t appear to evolve with you, its quite easy to want out or want them to change.

But then again, changing an individual is an arduous task that will probably never yield any positive result if you fully embark on it. You only get to change people when you influence them to change and they do so of their own accord.

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Sometimes love is not enough to hold together a relationship and the expectations and desires from the partner might end up killing the love and leaving both parties angry and frustrated.

So in the case where you seem to have outgrown a relationship and it’s not developing along with you, then it might be time to take a walk. Here are a few steps to end dead-end relationship.

end dead-end relationship

How to End Dead-End Relationship

  1. Talk it out: Before end dead-end relationship, or even any relationship at all, you need to sit down and talk with your partner. If you still love this person, it will be a good idea to give him or her the benefit of the doubt and outline your needs and expectations from the partner. Let the partner know why you think you need more and how you would probably make them uncomfortable and unhappy in the relationship.
  2. Be patient: Getting to end dead-end relationship, especially if the relationship has been for a long time is not an easy process, for you or for your partner. You might have to remember how to love them and show them this love. Help them to get to know the new you and point out to them any times you might have been impatient with them and how the relationship is no longer what they bargained for. Handle any outbursts of anger and hurt quite calmly and maturely.
  3. Keep your distance: Reduce your involvement with your partner and reduce joint activities. Start doing things aligned with your new wants and personality. For example is if you were a club hopper with your partner and now feel the need to be more sophisticated in your entertainment, it will be a good thing to keep away from such rowdy entertainments and the circle of friends you had in common who enabled this scene.
  4. Involve with your calibre of people: For your own sake, start getting involved with the calibre of people you would want to be associated with or who have the same or similar goals to the new you and would enable your growth. This might not be the best time to begin a new relationship as it may be more of a rebound than true emotions.
  5. Forgive yourself: Feeling guilty for walking out on a dead-end relationship is quite normal and is a part of the process. Cry if need be, for the love you had to give up on. But do not dwell on it for long and get yourself out of the dumps. Remember that getting yourself out of the relationship before it became toxic was probably the best decision you could have taken for the both of you.
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And you never can tell, maybe the breakup is the perfect kick your partner needs to jolt himself or herself out of their comfort zone and become the person that you need them to be. No matter, you have to remain true to yourself and remember that a failed relationship is better than a miserable marriage.

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