How to Cook Nigerian Yam Porridge (Asaro)

how to cook nigerian yam porridge

Nigerian yam porridge is one of the most delicious menus you see at Owanbeparries and even restaurants across the country. The secret to preparing it deliciously lies in the type, freshness and the quantity of ingredients used. Now let’s go through the steps on how to cook Nigerian yam porridge, deliciously.

Ingredients To Cook Nigerian Yam Porridge

  • 1 medium sized tuber of yam.
  • 5 chilli peppers.
  • 1 large bell pepper.
  • 2 habanero/scotch bonnet pepper.
  • 1 medium sized onion bulb, chopped.
  • 100 grams smoked fish or fresh/iced fish as you wish.
  • 100 grams diced liver.
  • 100 grams fresh shrimps.
  • 100 grams cray fish.
  • Salt and stock cubes to taste
  • Chopped green vegetables ugwu/spinach/washed bitter leaf.
  • ¼ up of palm oil or other vegetable oil.
  • 1 tsp each, ginger and garlic [optional].
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Cooking Directions For The Nigerian Yam Porridge

  • Peel and cut yam into bite sized cubes.
  • Wash yam cubes thoroughly, free from all sandy particles and place in a pot.
  • Clean your fish, shrimps, liver and cray fish, pour into the yam.
  • Blend the habanero and chilli peppers and add to the yam along with the onions.
  • At this point you can add some water, enough to almost cover the yam cubes, and simmer on low heat.
  • Add all spices and cover the pot to boil.
  • When your yam is soft enough – I like mine being in the paste form or soft enough to be mashed with a plastic spoon – then add your oil and let it simmer for a further 3 minutes.
  • Clean your veggies and chop them; for variety sake, you can chop some colourful veggies like your yellow or orange bell peppers with the red bell pepper. Carrots and peas also won’t hurt if you are so inclined.
  • Add your veggies and taste for salt and spice. Because of the raw peppers, you might add the peppers and carrots some 5 minutes earlier before adding the green leafy veggies.
  • Steam veggies for some 3 minutes and then mix.
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how to cook nigerian yam porridge

That’s how to cook Nigerian yam porridge, deliciously. Bon appetit.

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