Event Planning: How To Make Your Wedding Reception The Talk Of The Town

Wedding plannig
Wedding plannig
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If for anything, the wedding reception should be mind-blowing. Sometimes, people don’t really care about the church wedding, though that is also important. What they want to see is how awesome the wedding reception is going to be.

Though, planning a reception can be exhausting but hey, it happens only once, so you have to make the best of it.

Without further ado, let’s find out how to plan the best wedding reception of all time.

How to Plan a Talk-Of-The-Town Wedding Reception

  1. Day-dream: even before the proposal, I am pretty sure you have been fantasizing about the day. Just imagine how wonderful it will be. Its perfection should be seen with your third eye. Thinking wide is allowed. Sometimes, the thoughts and what we imagine can be really sick but it is fine.
  2. Put your ideas on paper: after fantasizing, make a list. Ensure it is well detailed. Write everything down and brainstorm more.
  3. Fix a date: fixing a date can be really tasking. You have to fix a date that is convenient for you and your spouse. It should also be convenient for those that will be invited. It is advised that when setting the date, it should be at least 6-8 months in advance to enable you prepare well and gather facts and also ensure everything would work out well.
  4. Have a wedding calculator: a wedding calculator is used for the calculation of the wedding budget. It is used to split budget and estimate all that is related to the wedding reception like foods, drinks, vendor payments, etc. fix estimated prices on all of them before finding out their exact prices.
  5. Guests: before considering the number of guests to invite, you and your spouse should sit down and discuss if the wedding should be a private or public one. If it would be a private one, I advise that it should be strictly by invitation. The number of guests would determine how much would be budgeted for the entire wedding reception. It would determine how big or how small the venue should be, how many invitation cards to be printed, the cost of feeding and the cost of souvenirs.
  6. All about the menu: most Nigerian reception weddings cannot do without adding “Jollof rice” to the menu. So, I guess that will not be a problem. But what other foods will you serve to the guests? Do you want it to be strictly Nigerian, strictly continental or both? How about finger foods? What drinks should be served? How will the meal be served- buffet or sit-down style? It is important to include traditional meals in the menu.
  7. Wedding cake: how do you want your cake to look like? What about the taste? Do you want it simple or over-designed? Remember, it’s all about choice.
  8. Decoration: first of all, imagine how you would want the venue to look like. Do you want it to be like one from fairytales? Do you want it to be simple? How elegant do you want it to be? You can seek the opinion of a third party.
  9. Outfit: do you want to keep your wedding down on throughout? How many times do you want to change dresses? What would be the color of your outfit and that of your spouse? What outfit do you expect your guests to wear?
  10. Music: music is the soul of entertainment. It is what brings inspiration, it tells the mood of others. It creates the mood. What’s your favorite song? What DJ do you think is good for the job? What other forms of entertainment do you want? It is best you get a DJ that is good at his job.
  11. Pictures: there should be an order at which the pictures should be taken. Rowdiness should not be condoned. Photography and video coverage should be done by a professional.
  12. Research: after having all these in mind, it is wise to research and choose vendors for the reception and choose the right ones. Also, an event planner should assist you in planning the great event.
  13. Souvenirs: it is not really important to have souvenirs as long as the guests are happy. However, if you want to budget for it, you can go ahead, but know that it doesn’t have to be expensive.
  14. Design the reception program: this should be done with the aid of the wedding MC. Your ideas are welcome.
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Before I leave you, know that punctuality is bae. Enjoy

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