They Met At First Bank Training School: The Love Story of Doyin & Fola #DF017


Doyin (@holaryeenkah) says…

I met Fola (@flo_diran), at First Bank training school, in 2012 while we were both Graduate Trainees; but we never said more than “Hi” and very few words.

After about a year in the department I was posted to, I got bored and felt the need to move before I got transferred to the branch or department I wouldn’t want. Fola stepped up to help by asking a few HODs, but it never worked.

Sometime in 2014, at the later part of the year, he took about a year out of work, but we talked almost every day. He was in Ibadan during the period, and fortunately, I and other colleagues who happen to be his friends went for event in Ibadan.

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We stopped by his house to visit and charge our phones *covers face*. I got to meet his mum on the said day, and one of our friends jokingly told his mum I was the one collecting all his money in Lagos. Guess his mum’s reaction; she said she didn’t mind him spending his money on me as I was a ‘full’ package.

She asked that I stand and do a 360 turn in front of her. We left Ibadan and life continued.

Fola liked me all these while, but I saw him as a friend and colleague because we got talking while we were both in supposed ‘serious’ relationships.

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When he came back to Lagos sometime in June/July 2015, we continued being friends until he ‘stylishly’ asked me out over a chat in September/October 2016.

I accepted and in October 2016, he asked if I would like to spend the rest of my life with him. I told him I wouldn’t have stayed with him for over a year if I hadn’t decided to do that — it was unknown to me that he already had a ring in his pocket.

The moment I answered in the affirmative, I got a RING!

And the rest, as they say, is history…


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doyin fola



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