5 Things to Do When Vetting Wedding Venues

vetting wedding venues

Wedding venues vary in how they look and how much they cost. Factors such as the number of guests who will be attending, the kind of weather during the ceremony, and what theme the wedding will have should be properly considered when vetting wedding venues.

In this post, we have compiled easy ways to help you narrow down your venue list so you end up being in the perfect place and fully celebrating your day of love without fear.

vetting wedding venues

Things to Do When Vetting Wedding Venues

1). Work With A Wedding Planner

You may think that vetting wedding venues by visiting the place or looking up the place online and figuring out if it’s the right place for you or not is as easy as a pie.  It isn’t. However, a wedding planner will know exactly how much space is needed for each part of your wedding ceremony. They will be able to fully guarantee that when you pay for the venue, you will be getting your money’s worth, and that reassurance is worth getting an extra help.

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2). Consider Religious Traditions

Most of the time, brides-to-be already know the primary location of where their dream wedding will take place. Since 80% of weddings in Nigeria take place in religious institutions, figuring out if you want your wedding to have a religious emphasis or not will go a long way when vetting wedding venues.

Once you’ve known and decided if you want your special day to take place inside, outdoors, or anywhere at all, you’ll be one step ahead in securing that dream wedding venue.

3). Consider Your Guests

You may have always dreamed of having your wedding outdoor either for aesthetic or personal reasons, but now, you live in Southern Nigeria, and you’re planning for a June wedding – characterized by thick clouds and excessive rain. Will being outdoors be practical?

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When you’re vetting wedding venues, take a second to consider your guests. Will your venue make them feel welcomed, comfortable, and allow them to enjoy the ceremony? Or will they feel miserable and regret that they attended your wedding?

Factors like weather, parking accessibility and comfort are factors you should consider. While it may be a day to celebrate the love you share with your groom, it’s also important that you think about the welfare of the guests in attendance.

4). Stick To Your Budget

While it’s tempting to fall in love with a perfect wedding venue and decide to splurge extra cash to have your wedding there, don’t do it! Instead, take time to figure out how to make the best wedding budget for yourself, and then stick to it.

5). Pick Your Colours/Themes After Choosing Your Venue

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When vetting wedding venues, it’s important to choose your venue before deciding on the colours or themes you want. Imagine choosing colours like purple and silver, only to discover the venue has ivory walls and gold chairs. Therefore, think about how the colours and themes complement your venue space to achieve a cohesive look.

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