How to Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

choose the perfect engagement ring

Engagement ring is one of the most treasured gifts most women desire. It is much more than just another piece of jewelry, it speaks of promises, commitment, family, and togetherness. When you choose the perfect engagement ring for the woman of your dreams, it speaks volumes about how much you love, respect and value her as your partner.

choose the perfect engagement ring

The time you dedicate to the selection process is a testament to her place in your life. So, here are some engagement ring tips from us, to help you choose the perfect engagement ring to make your proposal memorable in lives of both you and your partner.

Engagement Ring Tips on How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

  • Know The Gal. As the groom-to-be, knowing your partner’s taste and want is the first step to choosing the perfect ring. You don’t want to go pick up an emerald for a woman whose worst colour is green, or an opal ring for a girl who has always dreamt of diamonds.

Picking a diamond for a revolutionary, unconventional, blood Diamond watching babe might also cost you the girl.

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Before you go getting an engagement ring, it is necessary to know the kind of person your partner is and work with that knowledge in making a selection.

  • Seek Help From Friends. Getting a ring is a seriously romantic gesture, but you might want to get some help from friends or sisters. These people might have a better idea or be able to augment your thoughts on your bride’s choice.

You might also need her friends to help you get her ring size if you want to make getting her an engagement ring a total surprise, without her knowledge.

  • Get a Good Gem Stone. After deciding on your choice of gem, it’s time to go shopping. Getting a good stone is much more than just the engagement moment, it is a possible investment in the future. Get knowledgeable about stones before you go pick one, know your 4C’s, the carat, cut, colour, and clarity.

You would also have to be aware of your lady’s desired shape, does she want a square stone, a round stone, kite shaped or which other? If you want to choose a perfect engagement ring for your lady, it is advisable to go shopping with an expert and buy from only accredited jewellers who have experience and are recommended by old customers.

And remember to always examine stones under a loupe, and get a certified diamond if that’s what you are going for. If you are working within a budget, you can get some manipulations to help you shave off a few bucks, you can reduce the carat by a few points, like going for a 1.8 instead pf 2 carats.

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The clarity could also be compromised, considering that not many flaws are visible to the naked eye. It is advisable to buy your stone loose and then get a metal setting of your choice to go with it.

  • Pick The Metals Based on What Your Fiancée Likes. Your choice of stone setting metals are wide and depend on your partners likes. Platinum, of course, remains the highest priced. White gold, rose gold, yellow gold are the variants of gold you can get. Silver is your other option, though somewhat similar to white gold. You pick based on your budget and fiancée’s likes.
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Platinum and white gold seem to be the most common, but platinum is about 50% more expensive than gold.  You’d also have to decide on the style of the ring. Would your partner desire a sleek modern design, a patterned ring, or a vintage style ring?

  • Get A Certified Receipt. When you have made all your selections, make sure you get your selections in writing. Get a certified receipt that can be tendered anywhere as proof of purchase and security against any fraud. You would also have to get a specific take on the time when the ring would be ready for you to pop the question.

Those are the tips you need to choose the perfect engagement ring. We believe your woman would love your choice of ring, if you follow the tips.

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