How to Answer the 5 Most Annoying Questions You’ll Get Asked As A Bride

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Congratulations on getting engaged to your best friend and the man of your dreams!  You can now start preparing for the happiest and memorable day of your life! Now, while getting engaged leaves you with butterflies in your tummy and well-wishers calling to congratulate you, as a bride, be ready to answer annoying and sometimes intrusive questions you’ll get asked by family, friends, strangers, and more.

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Learn these answers, brush the questions off your mind, and move on with your life.

1). How Much Does The Wedding Cost?

This question ranks first in the list of annoying questions you’ll get asked as a bride. While some social circles and cultural backgrounds find it acceptable to publicly discuss the budget earmarked for weddings, most people personally find it rude. It is really no one’s business to know how much you and your husband-to-be would be spending for your big day, and you don’t need to feel pressured to answer.

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How you’d like to respond: How much does your house cost? Oops! Are you feeling uncomfortable?

How to respond: It’s a wedding; so it costs more than a normal party, but we’re financially prepared.

2). Can I Do “XYZ” At Your Wedding?

The moment you start planning a wedding, various family members and friends with varying talents will assault you with annoying questions, like asking if they could sing, talk, cater, plan, etc. at/for your wedding. While it’s nice of them to ask, you’ve already made your own plans and do not want any additions.

How you’d like to respond: Sure! Send me your resume and we’ll set up an interview.

How to respond: Oh thanks for asking. We’ve already made our arrangements for that part of the wedding. I really appreciate your offer.

3). So, when’s the wedding?

Yes, it’s one of the most annoying questions you’ll get asked as a bride. Getting asked this question after you tell someone about your engagement, is simply too forward because you want to enjoy the moment you are in and feel that people should be happy for you, not inquiring your plans for the wedding.

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How you’d like to respond: I don’t know. When are you having a baby?

How to respond: We haven’t set a date yet. We’re enjoying this initial stage of announcing and celebrating our engagement.

4). Are you inviting…?

This question seems so innocent, you can quickly become stressed if you have to say yes to THAT people, then you have to say yes to this OTHER person, or family. While it’s one of the most annoying questions you’ll get asked as a bride, it’s up to you and your future spouse to decide who comes or not.

How you’d like to respond: No, but feel free to invite them to yours!

How to respond:  We want our wedding day to feel relaxed. So, we have to be conscious of our budget; hence, that person/family/friend didn’t make the list.

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5). Can I sit At A Table With…?

Once you set the seating arrangement, you don’t want things to spiral out of control on the big day.

How you’d like to respond: Of course! That’s the first item on my bridal to-do list.

How to respond: The guest list has been very tricky but I’ll try my best.

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