Facebook Connect: The beautiful Love story of Adesola and Oladayo

Adedayo & Oladayo's love story

Yes, we’ve always heard about people meeting on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. And we’ve heard about Facebook meetings gone bad; even sour. However, Adesola’s (@herroyaldess) and Oladayo’s (@hopperazy) love story had a happy ending. Adesola and Oladayo’s love story began in 2011.

In 2010, Oladayo began sending messages to Adesola on Facebook; but she always ignored him. Oladayo knowing nothing good comes easy, and knowing that Adesola was no ordinary jewel persisted and finally caught her attention in 2011. What changed Adesola’s mind?

Adedayo & Oladayo's love story

The Love Story Journey

She discovered that Oladayo was a family friend of her friend, who was also her course mate.  That propelled her to see him in a new light, and she decided to give Oladayo, popularly referred to as Hopper a chance. And their fairytale love story began.

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Adedayo & Oladayo's love story

Like Cinderella who met the prince of her heart but wasn’t allowed to see him at the ball because of her wicked step-mother, Adesola’s wicked step-mother came in the form of problems caused by long-distance relationship. Even when most of Adesola’s friends had gotten married and had children, Adesola’s love for her hubby never wavered! She truly believed in him and stood steadfastly by him.

And just like Cinderella had a happy ending, Adesola and Oladayo had theirs too. When there is true love, couples stick tight and whether the journey no matter the obstacles, and that’s what Adesola and Oladayo did.

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Adedayo & Oladayo's love story

The Proposal

So when Oladayo proposed to Adesola early March of this year and asked her to BE HIS WIFE, FOR BETTER, and FOR WORSE; TILL DEATH DO THEM PART, she gladly said YES without thinking twice.

According to the elated bride, “Oladayo is my king on earth, my love, my peace… The only handsome man on earth, my gist partner, my best, my small dad, my advisor, prayer partner….. I can go on and on … Love you till the day after forever…. My eminado”. All she finds she seeks in Oladayo!

And now, we bring you pictures of the couple’s Introduction/Engagement Ceremony.  Interestingly, the bride did the makeup and gele. We just can’t help but gush over the bride’s look; she’s so beautiful! And we also can’t help but agree that she’s indeed talented.

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Adedayo & Oladayo's love story

To Mr.  & Mrs. Oladayo Hopper, we at Owanbeparries wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. May the One who brought you together bless your marriage, enrich your lives and deepen your love throughout the years.

Makeup: Bride (@herroyalmakeovers)

Music: Abanise 1 (@abanise1)

Gele: Seyifunmi (@charmantmakeovers)

Fabric: Morkal Fabrics (@morkalfabrics)

Photography: Samuel Adewuyi (@adewuyisamuelphotography)

Adedayo & Oladayo's love story

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